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KYVE Integrates with Streamr

KYVE Integrates with Streamr to Add Streams of Validated Data to The Hub

Building on our collaboration in the development of Log Store, we’re delighted to announce that KYVE, a Web3 solution for both on-chain and off-chain decentralized data validation, has… Read more

Tom Hamilton
Open Data Challenge

Streamr Open Data Challenge: Round two Winners!

Let’s take a look at the winners of round two of the Streamr Open Data Challenge. After a successful debut, we moved the contest to the LearnWeb3 platform to… Read more

Tom Hamilton
Streamr & MapMetrics AMA

Streamr and MapMetrics Team Up to Champion Open Mobility Data in Web3 and Reward Node Runners

We’re pleased to announce a collaboration with MapMetrics for a series of open data initiatives and node contest engagements. MapMetrics is a drive-to-earn navigation app that rewards its users in… Read more

Tom Hamilton
Open Data Challenge

Streamr Open Data Challenge: Moving to LearnWeb3 and Celebrating Round One Winners!

We are thrilled to announce that the Streamr Open Data Challenge, a contest to add new real-time data streams to The Hub, has transitioned to LearnWeb3! We believe this move… Read more

Tom Hamilton
Streaming file transfer-over Streamr Network

Streaming file transfer over Streamr Network

Everyone knows what file transfers are but transferring files over a pub/sub system is an atypical use case for a distributed messaging system. At Streamr we have been… Read more

Jarno Marttila

Log Store Network launches AlphaNet: leveraging KYVE and Arweave to turn the Streamr Network into an Immutable & Tamper-proof Time-series Database.

Log Store was proposed to Streamr Governance to enable automatic decentralised permanent storage of any data transmitted over the Streamr Network. The problem that sparked this project is… Read more

Ryan Soury

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Web3 developer tools

Protected: A Guide to Web3 Developer Tools (EVM)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read more


How to build a Streamr Node Dashboard with Streamlit and Python

Let’s say this is the first time you’ve heard or read about Streamr Network and Streamlit; if you are already aware, then bear with me as I give… Read more

Tony Kipkemboi
Developer DAO

Developer DAO: Become a better Web3 developer and find your crowd

When someone enters the Web3 space, the first thing they do is look for educational content. After all, they want to learn what this new decentralized paradigm is… Read more

Kay Plößer
Three Patterns for Integrating Your Data to Streamr

Three Patterns for Integrating Your Data to Streamr (2 of 3)

In advance of the upcoming Streamr Marketplace for realtime data, we are publishing a mini-series of technical blog posts about data integration. This is the second post out… Read more

Henri Pikhala

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Streamr Round-Up Summer 2023

Streamr Round-Up, Summer 2023

The summer season in the northern hemisphere is drawing to a close, and now it’s full steam ahead towards the 1.0 release, and the completion of the Streamr… Read more

Tom Hamilton

Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening at Streamr in the first part of 2023 as we continue to build towards the 1.0 version of the Network.… Read more

Tom Hamilton
Streamr Round-Up, November 2022

Streamr Round-Up, November 2022

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening at Streamr in the last few months, starting with Co-Founder Henri Pihkala’s summary of recent events: Hi Streamrs, There’s been… Read more

Tom Hamilton

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