6 Ways to Engage with Brubeck Now (part 2 of 2)

6 Ways to Engage with Brubeck Now (part 2 of 2)

You’re running nodes in the Network, trading your data in data unions, and firing memes at us on Discord—how else can you participate and earn more DATA tokens on the Brubeck Mainnet? We continue our guide on how you can get even more involved.

PROTIP: Make sure to also check out part one!

4. Sell interesting, useful (or both!) data streams on the Streamr Marketplace

6 Ways to Engage with Brubeck Now (part 2 of 2)

The Streamr Marketplace is open to anyone, anywhere to sell access to a data stream. Migrant bird patterns, IOT device traffic, timing bathroom breaks, toilet roll consumption, hotspot usages—you name it, there’s always someone who wants that data. Connect using the Streamr API, set the price, and start to transmit data using the decentralized Streamr infrastructure.

To help get you started, dig into our friendly Streamr tutorials and super easy docs and you’ll be on your way in no time!

6 Ways to Engage with Brubeck Now (part 2 of 2)

Inspiration tip: take a look at the many streams already live!

5. Provide liquidity for DATA on a DEX

6 Ways to Engage with Brubeck Now (part 2 of 2)

As well as running a node and staking directly in the Brubeck Mainnet, it’s possible to earn DATA tokens by providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Several DEXs offer the option to provide liquidity to DATA.

These are the DEXs that currently support DATA liquidity pairing:

Uniswap V3










Keep an eye on the token migration page for an updated list of pairings, exchange listings, and compatible wallets.

Friendly piece of advice: If you are not familiar with DEX’s and swaps, please do not engage with this option until you gain the necessary experience.

6. Stake DATA on Bancor single-sided staking

Unlike some liquidity pools, Bancor exchange allows users to add liquidity to a single asset and maintain 100% exposure, which offers protection against most losses. You can start providing liquidity to DATA on Bancor today, and read more about how it works in their many helpful articles included within their toolset.

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*Crypto comes with a lot of risk. Please do your own research, perform test transactions, and be careful of scammers. Nothing here constitutes or should be considered as financial guidance or advice. The Streamr DATA token is a pure utility token, and therefore we do not offer investment advice as it is not a tool for investment.

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