Polygon validator slot awarded to Streamr

Polygon validator slot awarded to Streamr

We are happy to announce that Streamr has been accepted into the select group of 100 validators securing the Polygon network!

A validator node run by the Streamr team is already up and running and successfully participating in Polygon’s proof-of-stake consensus and L2 checkpointing protocols. The node also successfully navigated the recent Delhi hard fork on January 17, 2023. You can see the new node and its current statistics here.

Polygon x Streamr

Since the Brubeck milestone in early 2022, the Polygon chain has housed the smart contracts used by the Streamr Network to store stream metadata and access control settings, distribute mining rewards to Broker nodes, and so forth. That same year, the Streamr Marketplace and the Data Union Framework expanded to the Polygon chain. In fact, a partnership was announced between the Polygon DAO and Data Union DAO, a Streamr spin-off project.

As a heavy user of Polygon, it makes sense for Streamr to also participate in securing the network. In general, we believe that the decentralized networks underlying the Web3 should ideally be run and governed by their users. Streamr becoming a validator not only improves Polygon’s degree of decentralization but also enables Streamr to submit PIPs (Polygon Improvement Proposals) and present ideas on how to further develop the Polygon ecosystem towards shared goals.

Invitation to delegate

People that hold MATIC on Ethereum mainnet can delegate their MATIC to Polygon validator nodes of their choosing to earn an APY of around 5% at the time of writing.

We’d like to invite the Streamr community and everyone else to consider delegating to the node run by Streamr to signal your confidence in the node and the project, and to increase the visibility and influence of Streamr in the Polygon ecosystem. For the time being, the node offers a 0% commission rate to help attract delegation. You can find clear instructions on how to delegate in the Polygon docs. Note that delegated tokens are at risk of getting slashed if the node acts maliciously or otherwise misbehaves.

To kick off the node’s stake and put our money where our mouth is, we have self-delegated 117,682 MATIC to the node in this transaction.

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