Streamr community update

We thought we’d give an update on some of the changes and events taking place in the Streamr community. In the last six months, we have relaunched the Data Fund, migrated to a new platform, and shared a number of AMAs and updates on project developments.

New home on Discord

In February this year, the Streamr community discussion group moved from Telegram to Discord. Discord brings the option to have channel categories for more focused discussions, as well as greater spam control capabilities.

The move to Discord coincided with the first iteration of Streamr’s decentralized governance vote, which proved a good testing ground for the platform. The SIP-1 and SIP-2 proposals generated a strong discussion in the #governance channel prior to the vote, where members of the team were able to hear the community questions and address many of them directly.

Meme and infographic contest

Discord has also brought out a lot of creative energy from the community who have recently produced many memes and infographics about the project and goals.

We decided to hold a contest to reward our favourites and will be awarding $250 worth of DATA at the end of April for our entry of the year and of the month. We will then be offering $250 worth of DATA to our monthly favorites moving forward, so do keep them coming.

To enter, post your meme or infographic in the #💥memes channel on Discord, then share it on Twitter tagging the Streamr account. Competition eligible content must focus on the Streamr project or goals and not on the token or trading.

Here are a few highlights so far:

The dev forum has moved to Discord

Discord is now also the home for Streamr’s developer community and technical discussions. The old developer forum has been archived and the new section on Discord is your place to discuss the Network, Data Unions, Tokenomics, bug reporting and anything else focused on the tech stack.

Recent community AMAs

The Streamr team has posted a number of update blogs followed by AMAs on the subjects of decentralized governance, marketing, and the launch of the Data Unions 2.0 framework, to give the community insights into the work going on behind the scenes.

Decentralized governance AMA

In the first AMA, Co-Founder Henri Pihkala outlined and answered the community’s questions on the Streamr Improvement Proposals as part of the first decentralized governance vote that concluded at the end of February.

In line with this move towards decentralization, the team will trial using Discord to host future open ‘Town Hall’ style project meetings that the community can listen into.

Marketing AMA

The next AMA focused on the subject of Streamr Marketing from Head of Marketing & Communications, Francine Ihenacho. Francine gave an update on the work that had taken place in the Data Unions launch and looked ahead to the strategy for 2021.

Data Unions growth and 2.0 framework launch AMA

A major milestone of this year was the launch of the Data Unions 2.0 framework, which capped a year since Data Unions went live. Head of Growth, Shiv Malik gave a roundup on the Data Union activity from the past 12 months and held a joint AMA with Head of Ecosystem, Matthew Fontana following the new framework release.

Data Fund

In the Data Unions AMA, Matthew also provided an insight into the community developers and teams building with Data Unions. Many of these builders are backed by the Data Fund, which since its rebrand in October, has seen over 20 applications to build or work with Streamr.

Channel growth and looking ahead

Looking back to the same period last year, all Streamr channels have grown around 20%, with LinkedIn growing the most at 60%. Since Discord’s launch in February, it has doubled each month to over 1,000 members and counting.

You can help support the growth of the community by continuing to like and share content from official channels or get involved producing your own content or initiatives. The Data Fund is there to support you with larger projects.

As we approach the Brubeck milestone , which means that  anyone can run a node, support from the Streamr community will be key to helping the Network scale. We hope you’ll encourage people to run a node and participate in the Streamr ecosystem.

We will have more to say on how you can get involved in the Network testnet soon!

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