Streamr DAO: Call for proposals

Streamr DAO: Call for proposals

The next governance round for the Streamr DAO is coming up soon. For the first time, Streamr community members that are holding at least 25,000 DATA tokens will be able to submit proposals. We are now opening up the call for proposals ahead of the next voting period.

Here’s how to submit proposals:

  • Go to and pick the next available SIP number.
  • Click on “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner and connect with a wallet containing your DATA tokens.
  • Click on “New Proposal”.
  • Include the SIP code in the Title, fill out the content of your proposal, and add the choices.
  • Please set the following start date: Nov 25. Note that the time displayed is in your local time, please convert it to 12:00 noon UTC.
  • Please set the following end date: Nov 29. Note that the time displayed is in your local time, please convert it to 12:00 noon UTC.
  • Set the snapshot block to: 13680000. If you can’t see the snapshot block field, add ?snapshot=1 to the end of the URL, i.e.
  • Click on “Publish” and your proposal is created!

The scope of governance is the Streamr project, protocol, and token economy. Please make sure your proposal is within this scope, clearly formulated, includes the pros and cons for your proposal, and if needed, any examples to illustrate your case.

The timeline is as follows:

Tue Nov 16—Call for proposals opens

Tue Nov 23—Deadline for submitting proposals

Thu Nov 25—Voting starts

Mon Nov 29—Voting ends

The Streamr DAO uses the Snapshot tool for voting. This is a way to vote off-chain without spending any ETH to signal support for a given proposal or path forward for a DAO vote. The creation of proposals and voting are completely free. In order to pass, a proposal must be supported by at least 30 million DATA as well as the majority of voting power. Both DATA and XDATA held on Ethereum mainnet are counted towards a wallet’s voting power.

In a previous vote, SIP-4, the token holders successfully passed a proposal that lets everyone holding at least 25,000 DATA create Streamr governance proposals. At the time, Snapshot divided proposals into “Community” and “Core” proposals, and SIP-4 mirrored this by suggesting a two-step approach for Community proposals being upgraded to Core proposals in subsequent rounds. Nowadays, Snapshot no longer has this distinction between Core and Community proposals, so we can now simply treat all proposals equally.

If you decide to submit a proposal, please make yourself available for an upfront AMA session on Discord. You can join the Streamr discord here. In addition, we will create a special discussion channel for your proposal where any pros and cons can be discussed with the community.

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