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It’s Time to Share your Best Streamr Use Cases!

We’re pleased to announce a new contest for the Streamr Wolf Pack – we want to see the best Streamr use case ideas the community has to offer! If you have an idea for an app, integration, tool, or problem that can be plausibly solved … Read more

The New API Explorer for Streamr Developers

Today we’re launching the Streamr API Explorer as part of our ongoing drive to improve the developer experience on the Streamr platform. The Explorer is an interactive dashboard to query our RESTful API directly inside the browser. You’ll be able to test and experiment with … Read more

News: Streamr and Fysical to Radically Reshape Road Planning

Blockchain-backed data platform Streamr announce pilot project to build nationwide traffic model of Georgia Streamr, the blockchain-backed data platform, is deepening its relationship with decentralized location data market Fysical to use realtime aggregated location to more accurately inform and shape traffic models. The collaboration will … Read more

Streamr interview roundup: five of the best with Henri

Streamr founder Henri Pihkala isn’t just the company’s technical figurehead, his ideas, enthusiasm and experience are a key way for us to spread the word about what it is we’re doing, why we’re doing it and who we’re doing it for. It seems barely a … Read more

Streamr Strategy Update: July 2018

Developer Mikhael Santos holding the conversational ball During the last week of June, just about the entire Streamr team got together for a mid-year work retreat. As Henri mentioned in Transmission 7, this was where we took stock after our mad dash to finish the … Read more

Real-time Data Marketplace Launch & Streamr Partners with Nokia + OSIsoft

Streamr today launched its realtime data Marketplace that connects data producers and consumers. The launch took place on-stage at Consensus in New York, and was followed by the announcement of industry-leading partnerships with Nokia, the multinational telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics company, and OSIsoft, … Read more

Creating a Product for the Streamr Data Marketplace (3 of 3)

Views of the Streamr Marketplace: Browse, Product Detail, and My Products Welcome to Streamr’s Marketplace, which was first launched as an MVP at Consensus 2018. In this blog post (part of a set of three), I’ll be taking you through what is needed to create a … Read more

News: Streamr partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to monetise car data

Streamr, the blockchain-backed data platform, announced an ongoing partnership today with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, one of the world’s leading technology solutions and innovation companies. The partners will integrate standard vehicle technology, HPE’s interfacing, and Streamr’s Engine, resulting in vehicle data being delivered in real time … Read more

Streamr and Fysical to partner to reshape human location data market

One of the world’s largest providers of human location data to the advertising industry is changing its business model in the wake of the Facebook scandal and is seeking to put consumers back in control by partnering with blockchain-backed data platform Streamr. Founded 3.5 years … Read more

How to Connect Data to Streamr in 5 Minutes (1 of 3)

This is a mini-series of blog posts about data integration to help our users and Marketplace vendors onboard. The first two are technical, while the third can be done by pretty much anyone. How to connect data to Streamr in 5 minutes Three patterns for … Read more

Streamr and VTT partner up for bigger & better public blockchain tech

One of the most overlooked aspects of what Streamr can offer to realtime data providers is access to easy smart contracting. For those who’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ll know this. Our first public demo was the Helsinki tram demonstration. Back in November … Read more

Why We’re Going Live at Consensus 2018

The Marketplace is coming – along with some other cool stuff Late last week we revealed that we will be launching our data Marketplace at Consensus 2018, a major conference for blockchain projects. We were hoping we could wait before making it official, because we wanted … Read more

News: Electrify & Streamr partner to give users control over their data

Perhaps it was always a no-brainer? Maybe it was inevitable? Two blockchain projects, who are all about empowering ordinary individuals, coming together to cooperate, integrate and disseminate their joint visions. But now it’s official! Streamr Network AG and Electrify.Asia are partnering to allow electricity users … Read more

A short history of Streamr and its innovative ideas

Many people know that, unlike most companies within the crypto space, Streamr already has a working product. However, less well-known is that Streamr also has a proud heritage of creating cutting-edge innovations. In fact, in one form or the other, Streamr has been turning ingenious … Read more

Which Streamr online community is best for you?

At Streamr, we’re very lucky to have an amazing community. This includes everyone from token holders and crypto fans to developers and Blockchain enthusiasts. One thing that unites them all is their belief in our vision of a truly democratic real-time data economy. It’s thanks … Read more

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