Winners of the Brubeck Testnet bonus rewards competition

Brubeck Testnet

A total of 130,000 nodes run by 48,000 individual IP addresses spanning 85 different countries participated in the three Brubeck Testnet rounds, making it one of the largest P2P Testnets in computing history. With so many nodes, there was bound to be an interesting variety of setups, which is why we launched a contest to find them―and you didn’t disappoint!

Below are our favourites from each category. Thank you to all who participated!

Best-looking node

Great atmosphere for music and mining

Love the stylish colour contrast

Not sure what this is exactly but it looks cool

Worst-looking (but still functioning) node

A true visual horror, but with life viable beneath

The dusty screen and tiny font helped seal this one. Impressive job getting it working on mobile though

Node running on oldest hardware

Model at least 10 years old

Model at least 10 years old, with a lot of mileage from the looks of it

Most green node

A beautifully green sight to behold ―well done!

It takes around 1,000 watts to boil a kettle, for reference

Not exactly what we had in mind by ‘greenest’ … but this is literally the greenest node we saw

Node in the most unexpected location

An unexpected and awesome way to power your node!

Interesting blend of past majesty and future tech

Best node name

Thank you to everyone who entered. It was great to see all of your varied Testnet node setups. The winners have been contacted to receive their prize. We hope to run similar contests in the future after the launch of the Brubeck mainnet, scheduled for later this year. Join the Streamr community in Discord to follow the latest updates.

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