Streamr brings U.S. stocks to Ethereum blockchain

What are the future implications of massively distributed, decentralised databases enabled by blockchains? Will it some day be possible to have a significant share of new data generated in the world — data from IoT, social media, stock exchanges and so on — pass through a blockchain-powered system for … Read more

Streamr in top three in Arctic15 — see Henri’s pitch!

We made the case for Streamr in the Arctic15 pitching competition on June 3rd in Helsinki. The above video shows Henri, our CTO, on the stage in the final round. Henri was on the roll in front of a jury chaired by Tim Draper. We … Read more

Hack to the future

Why world-changing ideas are now born in hackathons. At Streamr, we’re very happy to have recently won the Kone Hackathon 2016 with our telepathic elevator concept. To celebrate that, we decided to share with the world why we think hacking and hackathons are so awesome … Read more

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