Streamr in top three in Arctic15 — see Henri’s pitch!

We made the case for Streamr in the Arctic15 pitching competition on June 3rd in Helsinki. The above video shows Henri, our CTO, on the stage in the final round. Henri was on the roll in front of a jury chaired by Tim Draper. We finished in the top three out of the 400+ startups took part!

Arctic15 is an exciting newcomer in the startup event scene, and it’s already attracted an enthusiastic following. This event brings together global investors and angels with growth companies and startups from the Nordics and Baltics.

In case you really hate videos, this is the gist of our pitch:

Almost any business runs the risk of losing value and money by not reacting to new data immediately. We’re on a mission to fix this.Streamr was originally built as a trading platform that monitors millions of tiny market events and reacts automatically as and when needed. Outside the financial domain, the real-time events could originate from sensors or social media, or they might represent weather data or geolocation coordinates.

But building a scalable streaming back-end and developing the algorithms that instantly react to incoming data can be a very complex process which consumes time and money.

What we want to do is disrupt this long process. With Streamr, a developer or enterprise gets up and running in minutes instead of months. We provide a drag and drop interface, where a user can quickly and easily create micro-services and algorithms to power real-time applications.
Typical use cases are anomaly detection, different kind of alerts, and situation rooms. You’ll find the data and algorithms relevant to your business in the Streamr marketplace. It’s like the App Store for real-time data.

The Streamr platform is up and running and was launched in Arctic15 as a beta for the general audience. There’s revenue from pilot customers, and we’re growing to meet the needs of a global clientele. We’ll make your streams come true!

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