The Brubeck Testnet round 1 is completed and Testnet 2 will begin at 12:00 UTC on 16th September 2021.

During the two weeks between the testnet rounds, the team will be analysing data from the first testnet and implementing improvements. It will help the team test changes made if you are able to keep your nodes connected in between the rewards phases, and with thousands of nodes in the community, we thought we’d hold a contest to find the most interesting.

How to enter

Tweet a picture of your testnet node, describe the reward category you are entering for, mention the @Streamr account and use the hashtag #BrubeckTestnetContest. It might be something like:

“Check out my most green node entry @Streamr. #BrubeckTestnetContest”

Please do not include your private key or any sensitive information in the tweet.

At the end of the testnet, we will contact our favourites to receive a bonus prize of $100 in DATA.

You can enter the Brubeck Testnet Contest even if you were not part of the Testnet 1 reward codes cap, but you may be asked to prove that your node was successfully connected to the testnet to claim the prize.

Award categories

Let us know where you think your testnet node belongs from this list:

  • Best looking node
  • Worst looking (but still functioning) node
  • Node running on oldest hardware
  • Most green node
  • Node in the most unexpected location
  • Best node name

We look forward to seeing your entry submissions!

Make sure to join the Streamr community in Discord to connect with other node runners. Good luck!

Participation is at your own risk. We reserve the right to cancel or amend this contest at any time. Anyone found to be gaming the contest or attempting to pass off another’s entry, or a picture taken from elsewhere, as their own will be excluded from the contest.