Data Union token

Introducing the Data Union DAO and UNION token

There are several interesting Streamr Improvement Proposals (SIPs) lined up for the Q2 round of Streamr governance voting. In this blog post, I’ll introduce one of them in detail: SIP-3: Launch a DAO and UNION token for the Data Union framework This is an idea … Read more

What's next for Data Unions?

What’s next for Data Unions?

While we’ve recently increased our development efforts and communications around the Streamr Network in preparation for shipping the Brubeck milestone this year, we are also continuing to push the Data Unions framework forward as a key deliverable of the Streamr project alongside the Network. As … Read more

What the EU’s Digital Markets Act means for Data Unions

What the EU’s Digital Markets Act means for Data Unions

New EU regulation will make real-time data portability mandatory for big platform operators.  GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) will have to give both business users and end users the right to port their data in realtime through APIs – third parties will be also allowed … Read more

Data Unions review

Data Unions – 12 months in review

As the launch of the Data Unions 2.0 framework draws near we thought we’d do a roundup of all that has happened on the Data Union front for the last 12 months. This time last year, just as the lockdown was about to hit a … Read more

Data Landscape predictions

2021 Data Monetization Predictions

First of all, what is a Data Union? A Data Union is a framework that allows people to easily bundle and sell their real-time data and earn revenue. On its own, our data does not hold much value, but when combined in a Data Union, … Read more

Data Is Labor: Why We Need Data Unions

Data Is Labor: Why We Need Data Unions

In the aftermath of a divisive U.S. presidential election that seems to mark the tail end of the 20th Century, I’m reminded of the daughters of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The “Mill Girls” of Lowell, Mass., made up 75% of all textile workers … Read more

Data Union Concept Ideas

Data Union Concept Ideas

The Data Union framework is now live. App owners and developers can explore ways to create unique data sets by incentivising users to crowdsell their real-time data. In this blog are a few early-stage concept ideas that could be used as starting points or spark … Read more

Crowdselling data via Data Unions

Data Unions: Questions on data selling

1). How are Data Unions ethically different from Big Tech, seeing as they are trading user data? Yes users can consent, but why get involved in this sordid industry at all Firstly, consent is a big deal. At the moment, the data broking industry does … Read more

Build Data Unions

It’s time to build Data Unions

We can probably all agree that what’s been happening so far in 2020 has been unprecedented. From the pandemic, to wildfires, to the tensions around the upcoming presidential elections in the US – our control over the events around us seems to be slipping away, … Read more

Learn about Swash, the world's first Data Union

Let’s talk about Data Unions

Streamr’s Head of Growth, Shiv Malik recently held an AMA on Data Unions for the GAINS Telegram community. Their questions led to an insightful discussion that we’ve condensed into this blog post. What is the project about in a few simple sentences? At Streamr we … Read more

How to create a Data Union

How to create a Data Union

Data Unions are more than just a new data monetisation strategy-  they are the beginning of a new relationship between creators and their users. This post serves as a getting started guide for those creators that are ready to get building. Data Unions (DUs) enable … Read more

The Data Union public beta is live

The Data Union public beta is now live

As of today, you can create and deploy a Data Union using the tooling available in Streamr Core. The Data Union framework, now released in public beta, is an implementation of data crowdselling. By integrating into the framework, app developers can empower their users to … Read more

Privacy is dead. Long live data ownership.

Privacy is dead. Long live data ownership.

Do people care about privacy? In May 2012, I made national news in the UK. In protest over Facebook’s $100bn IPO, I deleted my account, and this was a sufficient offence to warrant being hauled into a TV studio. When asked to explain myself, I replied: … Read more

Who owns our digital lives?

Who owns our digital lives?

Or why I’m working with Streamr to get Data Unions into enterprise First we shared files and information on sites like Napster. Then we hesitantly started to share information about our work lives. LinkedIn seemed like a crazy idea. We didn’t know if we could … Read more

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