Hack Money Round-Up

Hack Money Round-Up

From the June 18th of June to the 9th of July, Streamr was a proud participant and Sponsor of Hack Money, a virtual DeFi hackathon focusing on the creation of fairer and freer finance through tech. The event saw over 1000 engineers, designers, and creators participate to build a new product/protocol, learn at the summits and workshops, and gain valuable feedback from ecosystem professionals. So how was Streamr involved? Earlier this month, we were asked to select three projects that utilised Streamr tech as winners of the Hack Money hackathon. The winners cover real-time multiplayer gaming, chat and microblogging. It was great to see a diverse group of use cases being hacked that highlight the general purpose capabilities of the Streamr Network!

Here are the winning submissions:


DeChess demo

DeChess is a decentralized platform that allows users to play games of chess with each other through secure peer-to-peer channels. All played games are stored and archived decentrally, but they remain easily and quickly accessible by anyone, for purposes such as analysis.

This project used ReactJS along with the Ant Design UI library to build the front end. The UI of the chessboard is put together using the React Chessground framework, and the chess logic such as move validation uses the Chess.js library. Players log in using MetaMask, and challenge another player via an Ethereum address or an ENS domain, and they sign a message to create and join a game. Once they join the game, they subscribe to a Streamr stream, and their clients will publish moves to the stream when they make a move, and vice versa to receive a move. Chess.js is also used to keep a log of moves to show on the front end.



SIGMA demo

SIGMA allows creators to monetise their content feed. Think of it like a microblogging Twitter, but protected by a customisable paywall. Under the hood, SIGMA uses Streamr, ENS and IPFS. It starts with the content author publishing their content to a Streamr stream. From the technical point of view, a user message consists of an object with several properties which forms a data point, which is pushed to the stream in real-time.

Streamr handles the data management and storage. SIGMA leverages this capability to make it easier for users to consume the content. The paywall is a Streamr Data Product which can be thought of as a wrapper to a Streamr stream. In this way, a stream can be easily monetised. The subscriber pays in DATA tokens to get access to the content contained inside the stream.

SIGMA User Guide: https://github.com/translate3d/sigma/wiki/User-Guide



Aleph demo

Aleph comes in as a game-changer for the way margin trading usually works in traditional finance, ditching collateralised loans, credit score, KYC, mandatory investor risk assessment and approvals to ultimately give power to the user to trade at ease.

Aleph used the Streamr Network to build a serverless “trollbox” on their frontend for traders to chat about anything they want. The chat also combines the power of the Ethereum Name Service to translate 0x addresses to human readable names.

Make sure to check out the #use-cases channel on the Streamr Discord server to learn more about the winning use cases. You can even submit your own ideas to be eligible for rewards!

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