It’s Time to Share your Best Streamr Use Cases!

Streamr Wolfpack

We’re pleased to announce a new contest for the Streamr Wolf Pack – we want to see the best Streamr use case ideas the community has to offer! If you have an idea for an app, integration, tool, or problem that can be plausibly solved with the Streamr Network, data Marketplace, or Data Union framework, then share it with us for a chance to earn DATA token rewards from the Streamr Data Fund.

There are several criteria for rewards, based on how good we think the proposal is in terms of feasibility, scope, alignment with Streamr goals, originality, and potential for success.

Here’s how to enter:

Base rewards

Base rewards offer up to $500 for our favourite viable idea of the month. There are two categories of base rewards:

Concept ideas describe your use case in a couple of paragraphs covering what it is, why it is needed, and how it uses Streamr.

Simply write it up in the Discord channel #💡use-cases and it will be entered for the chance to win $250 in DATA for our favourite viable idea of the month. 100 words minimum.

You can see some example concept ideas in this blog for inspiration.

One pagers go into greater detail and offer a more professional proposal outline. How you structure it is up to you, but this one pager/blog should cover the whats, whys, and provide details about how your use case utilises Streamr.

Write up your one pager in a Medium blog, post the link in the #💡use-cases Discord channel, and Tweet the blog link using #Streamrwolfpackcontest. We will offer $500 in DATA for our favourite viable idea of the month. 300 words minimum.

Take a look at some recent successful hackathon projects building with Streamr in this thread.

Keep in mind that published ideas will be public domain.

Bounty bonuses

If we really like your idea, we may ask you to write it up as a bounty to be posted on the Streamr Gitcoin page. You will need to reformat your proposal to meet the Gitcoin posting criteria and provide more details on the scope and budget of your idea, which we can help with. If it is successfully posted on the Streamr Gitcoin page, you will receive an extra $500 in DATA.

Commission rewards

Commission rewards are given at 25% of any grant amount successfully awarded to developers to build your idea from the bounty. Note: you will have handed over the idea to an external team at this point.

Develop your idea yourself

If you are feeling entrepreneurial and would like to develop your use case rather than posting it as a Streamr bounty, you may wish to find some developers to work with and submit it as a proposal to the Streamr Data Fund. There will be no bounty or commission bonuses for this, but there is a chance we will fund your idea directly if we think your proposal is viable.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your ideas!

This is an experiment! Participation is at your own risk. We reserve the right to amend or end this experiment anytime.

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