We heard you loud and clear. You want more marketing. That’s why we’re launching the Wolfpack – a marketing Data Union that pays you for your engagement on Twitter.

Over the years we’ve created tons of content, from blog posts to videos to talks to podcasts to tutorials to articles, but what we’re currently lacking is reach and traction. And that’s where the Wolfpack will play an important role.

How can you get involved?

To join the Wolfpack Data Union, just tweet out your Ethereum address or ENS address + #Streamrwolfpack + $DATA + your Discord account # number. Then join the 🐺#streamrwolfpack Discord channel. Done!

Every month we’re giving away up to 3k USD in DATA. To stand a chance to receive some of these funds you’ll have to get tweeting. Tokens will get transferred on xDai, so please no exchange wallets.

The Wolfpack Rules

💸  Base reward of 5 USD worth of DATA per week for a minimum of 3 original tweets

🐶  Monthly top dog bonus of 50 USD in DATA for our favorite tweet

🐺 Pack leader prize for the top viral tweet that is focused on the Streamr tech stack with >500 likes. The prize pool grows weekly by 100 USD

🐦 Twitter posts must include #Streamrwolfpackcontest to be eligible.

⚡  This is an experiment! Participation is at your own risk. We reserve the right to end this experiment anytime. Users suspected of using bots or similar gaming tactics will be removed from the Data Union. To keep things competitive for users with less followers, you can only win the monthly top dog bonus once. Each post must be original (no copy pasting!). Posts will be counted from 00:00 on Thursdays to 23:59 on Wednesdays.

What can you do?

🤌  Get into people’s replies. Comment whenever you see a potential use case for Streamr


✍️  Create original posts


🦮 Help each other, retweet your fellow wolfpack members


💌  Share an invite to the Streamr Discord server

Need some Inspiration?

Here are some of our favorite memes, which also make great conversation starters

You can find more Streamr branded assets as well as our design guidelines here.

We know that some of you are very active on Discord, too (we see you, Bonjovo 👀), but currently it’s a bit trickier to track metrics over there. Once we’ve solved that issue we might also expand the marketing Data Union to include Discord, Telegram, Medium claps and even TikTok – why not? All options on the table. For now we’re just starting out on Twitter.

If you haven’t yet, follow us on Twitter, join our Discord server, and clap for our content on Medium.

We look forward to seeing your tweets!