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Web3 is the future

Web 3.0 is the future, but one big piece is still currently missing on the decentralized web. Real-time data. Nfty DM shows why real-time data will become an important lego piece in the web 3.0 stack.

Right now there’s no easy way for NFT creators or collectors to connect with each other. Artists often don’t even know who bought their work. Collectors want to stay connected to creators, to learn about future NFT drops, perks, special access or revenue splitting.

Nfty DM solves this problem with a decentralized chat app for creators, collectors, and marketplaces, leveraging the Streamr Network. In order to make this vision come true, Nfty DM received a grant from the Streamr Data Fund.

“We love the idea of decentralization and Streamr makes it possible to run our chat infrastructure.” – Derek Tor, Nfty DM co-founder.

“We plan to integrate with Streamr by using streams for users to talk to each other. Each chat will be a stream channel that runs through Streamr.” – Teck Liew, Nfty DM co-founder.

Here’s what a first version of Nfty DM looks like:

Coming up next, the MVP will include:

  • Chat functionality built on Streamr
  • Rarible marketplace integration
  • 1:1 chat functionality through NFT addresses
  • Search users through NFT addresses
  • NPM package, drop-in components and utilities, open-source components, Chat API

We’re excited to get our hands on the first MVP once it’s been released!

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