Streamr invited to contribute in IATA Hackathon

Streamr to attend IATA’s hackathon in Lapland as the sole blockchain provider We have some nice news. Following an invitation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Streamr will be travelling to Lapland, Finland on 29 November to participate in their upcoming hackathon. The event … Read more

Streamr First Blockchain Organisation to Win Startup AutoBahn Global Innovation Award

Streamr winning at Startup Autobahn Blockchain-backed data platform, Streamr, joins previous winners Porsche and Daimler in receiving Plug and Play Global Innovation Award for Partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Streamr, the blockchain-backed data platform, last night won the Plug and Play Global Innovation Award for Exceptional … Read more

Why we went live at Consensus 2018. And what’s next for our Data Marketplace.

TL;DR — Consensus was totally worth it. No argument — our pavilion rocked. We learned lessons and our Data Marketplace can only improve from here on. Streamr co-founder Nikke Nylund helping to demonstrate our Data Marketplace to guests at our pavilion It has been two weeks since we travelled back … Read more

Streamr's identity update

Upgrading Streamr’s identity

Let’s get something out of the way. Identity design — or branding if you don’t mind having scorched cattle come to mind — is perhaps the design discipline that can be most, er … full of it. There’s hundreds of Behance posts of fox or eagle icons conforming perfectly to … Read more

Your questions answered: Streamr on the Ethereum network

Curiosity about the Streamr project from the community continues to grow, along with the broader interest in decentralised applications, blockchain technology and smart contacts. Three-and-a-half months on from our crowdfunding, many of you out there have sent us some really in-depth questions with a number … Read more

How we plan to build the world’s leading data marketplace in 2018

How we plan to build the world’s leading data marketplace in 2018

Last week we announced some big news. For a few months, you’ve been telling us that you wanted a roadmap with firmer timetables. Needless to say, your opinions are super important to us, so we’ve acted. In our monthly update vlog Transmission #3 I announced … Read more

Streamr ICO in Retrospect

Dear community, We’ve never worked so hard, so focused, and so inspired than during the past one and a half years or so. During that time we have fallen in love with the decentralised and blockchain technology, and found a way to apply our expertise, … Read more

Announcing the Streamr DATAcoin ICO

EDIT: Postponed pre-contribution period by 48 hours to start on Thursday, September 14th at 12:00 UTC If you’re new to Streamr, this video explains Streamr in 2 minutes. The characteristics of the whole Streamr system are described in detail on our website and in our … Read more

Tokenizing real-time data: Streamr explained in 2 minutes

(If you can’t watch the video, find the text below): Streamr aims to tokenize the value in real-time data. For example, let’s consider a self-driving electric car. For optimal operation, it constantly needs data from other machines, such as traffic congestion information from other cars, … Read more

Streamr and decentralized trading machines

We are often asked which are the first use cases for a decentralized data stack like the one we envisage at Streamr. What we know is that the list of likely use cases is long, ranging from environmental monitoring, secure chat channels, pay-by-use metering, peer-to-peer … Read more

Golem and Streamr to cooperate

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our blockchain life, it’s the immense value of the community. We’re really excited about the opportunity to work with the talented people in the space, and to help build resilient and decentralized infrastructure to power the hugely scalable … Read more

Golem and Streamr announce cooperation

Building decentralized infrastructure for resilient and hugely scalable Ðapps is exciting, and the potential rewards for the community and the citizenry are immense. But nobody ever said that the work will be easy. The technology is cutting edge, the problems are new, and the past … Read more

Melonport and Streamr: Decentralized trading by robots?

At EDCON Paris 2017, we met Mona El Isa and were struck by the ingenuity of the Melonport vision: a platform for asset management on the blockchain which allows anyone to set up well-designed, trustworthy funds and portfolios of digital investment instruments. Quite revolutionary! Saying … Read more

Watching the flippening on Twitter with Streamr and Oraclize

We’ve met with the Oraclize people a few times, and we love what they do. There are also important synergies in what Streamr and Oraclize can do together. Let me explain, and show an example. For fun, and to demonstrate Streamr and Oraclize working in … Read more

Ethereum-based peer-to-peer package delivery with PassLfix and Streamr

We very much like working with like-minded folks in the blockchain space. An opportunity for one interesting project arose earlier this year when we met Frederic Vedrunes of PassLfix at EDCON 2017. When we met, Frederic outlined the idea of a decentralized, data-driven app where … Read more

Unstoppable Data for Unstoppable Apps: A DATAcoin Whitepaper Draft

There’s a revolution brewing in computing infrastructure. The winning architecture will be decentralized apps (Ðapps): Front-ends served to the browser from decentralized storage, and back-ends implemented as smart contracts living on the blockchain.  This stack has many desirable properties: It makes applications naturally resistant to … Read more

Streamr brings U.S. stocks to Ethereum blockchain

What are the future implications of massively distributed, decentralised databases enabled by blockchains? Will it some day be possible to have a significant share of new data generated in the world — data from IoT, social media, stock exchanges and so on — pass through a blockchain-powered system for … Read more

Streamr in top three in Arctic15 — see Henri’s pitch!

We made the case for Streamr in the Arctic15 pitching competition on June 3rd in Helsinki. The above video shows Henri, our CTO, on the stage in the final round. Henri was on the roll in front of a jury chaired by Tim Draper. We … Read more

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