Streamr Product Design Preview 2019

Streamr Product Design Preview 2019

It has been a while since I’ve written about Streamr design, so I thought I’d share a preview of what the design team will be rolling out to production early next year. To understand what we’ve been doing, it helps to have a bit of … Read more

Cold Chain Monitoring Tutorial

Video Script In this tutorial I will be covering two main aspects: This demo is built around the use case of a transportation company servicing refrigerated goods. We want to give clients a solution to monitor the condition of their products during the journey in … Read more

Announcing three new products to our Marketplace

Announcing three new products to our Marketplace

Streamr is proud to announce the integration of three new products to our award-winning real-time data Marketplace today. Atmotrack, which is offering street level pollution data, Cryptoquote’s cryptocurrency firehose, and TraderMade’s foreign exchange data are currently available to purchase by application builders looking to improve … Read more

IATA Hackathon Summary

Over this last weekend (30 Nov — 2 Dec) Streamr was invited to contribute to a hackathon organized by the International Air Transportation Association (aka IATA), in Lapland, which focused primarily on airline retail industry. Streamr was the sole blockchain API provider at this hackathon and we … Read more

Welcome Streamr's Newest Contributors

Welcome Streamr’s Newest Contributors

It’s been a busy few months at Streamr and with new opportunities on the horizon including the development of the Network, Community Products and further pilots to establish, we’ve been hiring to ensure that we can complete our technical milestones on time, and also help … Read more

20 years of ‘Open Source’ — what’s in it for me/them/us?

Web3 Summit in Berlin in Oct 2018: the Open Source movement has never been so vibrant This year marks 20 years after the term “Open Source” was first coined. Earlier this month John Edwards, a reporter at InformationWeek, asked Streamr project contributors a bunch of questions … Read more

How we're doubling our efforts to live decentralized

How we’re doubling our efforts to live decentralized

Back at the start of the Autumn, Henri, myself and a few others in the Streamr team received an email from one of our most trusted advisors, the enigmatic Mr X (he likes his privacy). He was in the shower, he said, when it struck … Read more

Streamr invited to contribute in IATA Hackathon

Streamr to attend IATA’s hackathon in Lapland as the sole blockchain provider We have some nice news. Following an invitation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Streamr will be travelling to Lapland, Finland on 29 November to participate in their upcoming hackathon. The event … Read more

Streamr First Blockchain Organisation to Win Startup AutoBahn Global Innovation Award

Streamr winning at Startup Autobahn Blockchain-backed data platform, Streamr, joins previous winners Porsche and Daimler in receiving Plug and Play Global Innovation Award for Partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Streamr, the blockchain-backed data platform, last night won the Plug and Play Global Innovation Award for Exceptional … Read more

Why we went live at Consensus 2018. And what’s next for our Data Marketplace.

TL;DR — Consensus was totally worth it. No argument — our pavilion rocked. We learned lessons and our Data Marketplace can only improve from here on. Streamr co-founder Nikke Nylund helping to demonstrate our Data Marketplace to guests at our pavilion It has been two weeks since we travelled back … Read more

Real-time Data Marketplace Launch & Streamr Partners with Nokia + OSIsoft

Streamr today launched its realtime data Marketplace that connects data producers and consumers. The launch took place on-stage at Consensus in New York, and was followed by the announcement of industry-leading partnerships with Nokia, the multinational telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics company, and OSIsoft, … Read more

Why We’re Going Live at Consensus 2018

The Marketplace is coming – along with some other cool stuff Late last week we revealed that we will be launching our data Marketplace at Consensus 2018, a major conference for blockchain projects. We were hoping we could wait before making it official, because we wanted … Read more

Streamr's identity update

Upgrading Streamr’s identity

Let’s get something out of the way. Identity design — or branding if you don’t mind having scorched cattle come to mind — is perhaps the design discipline that can be most, er … full of it. There’s hundreds of Behance posts of fox or eagle icons conforming perfectly to … Read more

News: Electrify & Streamr partner to give users control over their data

Perhaps it was always a no-brainer? Maybe it was inevitable? Two blockchain projects, who are all about empowering ordinary individuals, coming together to cooperate, integrate and disseminate their joint visions. But now it’s official! Streamr Network AG and Electrify.Asia are partnering to allow electricity users … Read more

A short history of Streamr and its innovative ideas

A short history of Streamr and its innovative ideas

Many people know that, unlike most companies within the crypto space, Streamr already has a working product. However, less well-known is that Streamr also has a proud heritage of creating cutting-edge innovations. In fact, in one form or the other, Streamr has been turning ingenious … Read more

Your questions answered: Streamr on the Ethereum network

Curiosity about the Streamr project from the community continues to grow, along with the broader interest in decentralised applications, blockchain technology and smart contacts. Three-and-a-half months on from our crowdfunding, many of you out there have sent us some really in-depth questions with a number … Read more

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