Pausing activity in the Streamr Telegram group

Pausing activity in the Streamr Telegram group

We would like to announce that we have paused discussions on our Telegram group from at 11:00 UTC today.

As many people in our community know, we made the decision a little over a year ago to open a Discord group as the primary channel for community conversations. Telegram has lost that little spark we used to have, and we would like to reactivate it as soon as possible. Building a new group much stronger than ever to welcome our community that prefers Telegram.

We made this decision because we would like to recreate a strong and close-knit community on Telegram and do whatever it takes to keep that positive energy in the group.

The Discussion community has moved to the Streamr Discord, where you are warmly invited to join us. This group will remain open, and the necessary links will be highlighted.

The only other Telegram channel that is moderated by the Streamr team is the Announcement channel.

If you don’t have Discord and would like to get in contact with us or keep an eye on our announcements of the progress of Streamr, here are a couple of ways to get in contact with us:

And for any kind of support, feel free to contact us by mail.

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