Want to help us spread the word about Streamr? Got a spare 5 minutes every day and a love for Web3? Welcome to the club! 🤝 🎉

StreamTeam is a fun monthly bounty competition to win $DATA prizes, NFTs, and other goodies by helping us find new users, builders, and enthusiasts for the Streamr project.

What is Streamr? The Streamr Network is a movement to provide truly decentralized and scalable real-time data infrastructure to Web3. Applications can plugin to publish and subscribe to live data streams via a global community of nodes instead of a centralised server. Uses cases include many-to-many data pipelines, data monetisation, network analytics, instant messaging, gaming, IoT, and much else!

Each month we offer new marketing bounties from as simple as engaging with content on social media, to creating superstar blogs and videos of your own.

Ready for liftoff? 🚀 Just sign up to the StreamTeam app and follow the onboarding flow!

Let’s see how it works!

Create a profile 👤

Login the Web2 or Web3 way (we won’t judge!), create a profile, and you’re good to go!

You will now see your profile, which shows a list of actions to complete, any Data Points (DP's) you have gained (which translate into $DATA rewards each month), as well as the points needed to reach the next Tier level (more on this below) 📈.

Complete actions ✅

Your profile has a list of daily actions to complete to earn those points ✨. Actions can be as simple as following us Twitter, to setting up a Streamr node. The more challenging the action, the higher the points, and therefore the $DATA prize at the end of every month.

Rank up 🏋️‍♀️

Your Tier level is decided by how many points you have. Ranking-up the tiers unlocks bonuses and head-starts in the next month’s contest as you progress (Tier 1 being the lowest, and Tier 5 the highest).

There is also a leaderboard that shows who has the highest points, updated every 12 hours, so you can see where the bar is set!

The top spot claims the top prize in $DATA, and other goodies 🔮!

Win rewards 💰

The rewards tab will show the rewards that are available for the top three winners each month, as well as the Tier multipliers. It’s worth keeping an eye on the changing rewards each month to see what to aim for 🎯.

Claim bonuses 🎰

Use your points to buy credits and spin the jackpot for bonuses in points, swag, NFTs, and other surprises. You can buy up to three a day so cross those fingers 🤞!

Spin to win!

StreamTeam is a simple, and hopefully fun (❗️), way of supporting our growth. Chances are, if you're in the Streamr community, you are already contributing to the growth of the ecosystem—so you might as well win a few extra $DATA tokens and NFTs in the process 😉!

Web3 is a community-driven initiative at heart, so we hope this tool brings our shared efforts together in an engaging way! 🦾

Please note, this competition is strictly not suitable for people under the age of 18. Crypto comes with a lot of risks—please exercise caution and do your own research. Nothing here constitutes financial advice of any kind. We reserve the right to cancel or amend the competition at any time.