We’re partnering with Lumos Labs to bring to you the Streamr Data Challenge

Streamr is partnering with Lumos Labs

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing Streamr to one of the biggest developer talent pools in the world – India. At Streamr, we’re always looking for opportunities to push innovation in the realm of data innovation and build decentralized data economies. With this vision, we’re partnering with Lumos Labs – a tech ecosystem enablement startup, to bring you the Streamr Data Challenge.

Tapping into India’s Potential

India holds the potential to build a decentralized data economy. Presently, it is leading the global data consumption market with the increasing mobile data connectivity (3G/4G), falling data tariffs, rising smartphone penetration, and growth in broadband connectivity across India. The exponential data growth in India is projected to continue, with internet traffic expected to increase 4x from 21 exabytes in 2016 to an estimated 78 exabytes in 2021, as per the report by Omidyar Networks. At Streamr, we see an opportunity to incentivise Indian developers to leverage our platform to innovate and reinvent solutions to the biggest problems in India’s booming big data arena.

The Streamr Data Challenge

The Streamr India Data Challenge is focused on opening up India’s tech community to the problems that people face or will face with respect to data privacy, ownership, value, and most importantly – preserving their data dignity. On that note, we’re challenging the Indian developer community to join us and build solutions to real-world problems in big data with blockchain technology, by leveraging Streamr’s Data Union framework.

The 4-month-long Data Challenge will also host meetups and webinars to help the Indian tech community learn about leveraging blockchain for big data problem statements and learning to build with Streamr. We will also begin with a one-week long mentor session, followed by a two-week-long intensive acceleration period. The ongoing support ranges from access to tech guidance on projects, networking opportunities, PR support and more.

The winners will get a cash prize of  $5,000 USD and the teams shortlisted in the first cohort will receive a $200 USD grant each.

About the Partnership

Our partners – Lumos Labs, are experts at hosting open innovation programmes to encourage and incentivise innovators to push the boundaries and bring solutions to problems faced by consumers and business. We will work with them closely to create a Streamr community in India by kicking off the Streamr India Data Challenge. “We’re excited to step into the thriving tech ecosystem that India is. We’re sure that Streamr would be a well-received platform that can push innovation in the big data space,” said Streamr’s Head of Developer Relations, Matthew Fontana. “We’re excited to join hands with Lumos Labs and support the Indian developer and startup community to take on the biggest problems in big data, namely data ownership and value sharing.”

Raghu Mohan – Co-founder & CEO, Lumos Labs, on behalf of his team, has expressed his enthusiasm to work with us. “We’re excited to begin work with Streamr to bring India’s tech community a new challenge with the Data Challenge,” he said. “Incentivising the Indian tech community to build solutions in this space is a huge step towards enabling innovation,” he added.


We’re excited to see what unfolds with the Streamr Data Challenge. You can learn more about Streamr here: streamr.network and register for the Data Challenge here: streamrdatachallenge.com

Stay tuned for more!

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