Welcome to the Streamr Data Challenge: a new way to monetise real-time data

Data is eating the world.

Every aspect of our digital life is generating data points, which are fed into algorithms that give us a smart experience in return for convenience and efficiency. From the traffic data on our favourite maps client, to the compelling advertisement that is served to you across your social media platforms; the terabytes of data we collectively generate make this possible.

But as data becomes central to these smart experiences, it becomes important to ask a few questions. Where did this data come from? Who actually owns this data? What is the value of this data? Was this data given consensually?

Unfortunately, the digital age didn’t ask these questions often enough and we are beginning to see some consequences such as the disruption of the integrity and confidentiality of data and information systems, data security threats, personal data breaches etc. These consequences will only get bigger when smart appliances and eventually bioelectronics become more mainstream.

Application developers have to answer these questions on data provenance, ownership, value and consent and do something about the data economy, today.

Enter Streamr

Streamr provides an innovative way for app developers to incentivise their users to share their real time data. This is done in a decentralized manner and rewards are instantaneous through Streamr DATAcoins, as the system is built on a public blockchain.

With Streamr, app developers are building Data Unions that allow users to sell their real time data to willing buyers, thereby providing other app developers access to user insights in a consensual and decentralized manner.

This powerful technology is already used by many interesting startups, as well as enterprises, and now Streamr is reaching out to the smart minds of the Indian subcontinent to innovate using this platform.

Participate in the Streamr Data Challenge

If you have worked on any app, at a hackathon, or as a hobby project, or even at a startup with significant users; a simple integration with Streamr can now allow you to reward your users for their real-time data in a scalable and decentralized manner.

Streamr Data Challenge allows direct entry to the first shortlist if you’ve built such apps. As a part of this innovation challenge, you stand a chance to win from a prize pool of 5000 USD, with the top 20 teams guaranteed to win prizes.

Be a part of this global experiment to set how internet companies handle and reward personal data.

Register now and build a data business, the right way!

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