Streamr Bonus Rewards Contest: Round Two

Streamr Bonus Rewards Contest: Round Two

We really enjoyed seeing your Brubeck setups in the testnet bonus rewards contest from last year, so now it’s time to show us your nodes again for round two following the successful launch of the Brubeck Mainnet.

How to enter

Tweet a picture of your Brubeck node, describe the reward category you are entering it for, mention the @Streamr Twitter account and use the hashtag #StreamrNodeContest. It might look something like:

“Check out my best looking #BrubeckMainnet node, @Streamr. #StreamrNodeContest”

For inspiration, take a look at the winners from each category of the previous round to see some of the fantastically diverse node setups in the community.

Greenest node
Node in the most unexpected location
Best looking node

These are the award categories:

  • Best looking node
  • Worst looking (but still functioning) node
  • Node running on oldest hardware
  • Most green node
  • Most sophisticated node management system
  • Miscellaneous—tell us why your node is special

You can enter up to 3 pictures in total.

Please do not include your private key or any sensitive information in the tweet.

The contest will run for 6 weeks, after which, we will contact our favourites to receive a bonus prize of $250 in DATA. You can win up to three times!

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your entries!

Get started here if you’re not running a node yet. And as always, be sure to join us on Discord and give us a follow on Twitter.

Participation is at your own risk. We reserve the right to cancel or amend this contest at any time. Anyone found to be gaming the contest or attempting to pass off another’s entry, or a picture taken from elsewhere, as their own will be excluded from the contest. You may be asked to verify that the node is yours and that you are connected to the Brubeck Mainnet.

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