Streamr Technical Update, April 2022

Streamr Technical Update, April 2022

What’s been happening at Streamr in the last few weeks? Here are the latest technical notes on the Network and Application layers. Let us know if you’d like to learn more or have any questions!

If you missed the previous update, you can find it here.

On the Network layer

  • Work continues on Bounty smart contracts. Joining, staking, and leaving are all implemented.
  • Storage resend improvements and bug fixes.
  • Publishing & subscribing via proxy node finalised with improved client documentation.
  • Working on getting metrics from light nodes.
  • Working on refactoring the Network Tracker into its own package to make client & broker distribution smaller.
  • Trackerless research (removing the dependence of Trackers from the Network) is complete with promising results.

On the Application layer

  • Core App stream page improvements.
  • Marketplace contracts and DU contracts deployed to Polygon in advance of multichain reopening.
  • Starting work on separating Data Union features from the Streamr client library into its own library. This update will become live in the version 7 client.
  • Started work on updating Data Unions to be multichain.
  • Rewriting marketplace watcher due to hard-to-solve issues with the old one.
  • Chat app frontend and UX improvements.

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