Dev update February 2018

Dev update February 2018

Welcome back to our monthly Streamr developer update! February has been a really busy month for the development team. We’ve been working hard on the development of the Marketplace, which has started to come together really nicely. In February, we also open-sourced the code for the Engine and Editor, which you can find here. Please do check it out, have a read, highlight any issues and even make pull requests. We’re very keen to hear all your feedback.

In other exciting news, this month we also launched Streamr Labs. This means our Streamr core team gains some extra help getting the Marketplace online. So, I’d like to welcome Juha and Jarno to the team! Juha is a full-stack software engineer with over a decade’s worth of experience in the software industry. Before Streamr, he worked for the large Finnish consulting company Tieto. Jarno describes himself as a jack of all trades and he has worked as a senior dev, a private consultant, and a researcher. Oh and he also rock climbs.

We’re all very much looking forward to working together. In the meantime, here’s a more detailed run-down of what we’ve been up to:


  • Prepared Engine and Editor code for open-sourcing
  • Optimised the module/stream search on Editor
  • Developed REST API for the upcoming Marketplace
  • Fixed a problem with streamr-docker-dev. Thanks to i04n for letting us know!


  • Established Marketplace UI project
  • Started rebranding the landing page
  • Fixed some bugs in Engine and Editor (e.g. one which prevented users from changing time zones)
  • Set up a shared eslint config file for all Streamr js projects (eslint-config-streamr)


  • Wrote tests for Marketplace smart contracts
  • Helped Design/UI section by prototyping the Marketplace payment flow with MetaMask
  • Ethereum blockchain watcher for Marketplace contracts: updates blockchain state to the Marketplace backend (used to cache the state of the blockchain)


  • Detailed specification work regarding Marketplace
  • Implemented Marketplace domain object model
  • Setup (A)GPLv3 licenses in Github
  • Setup CLA in Github
  • Made Grails and webpack work better together
  • Experimented with Marketplace purchase flow mock
Dev update February 2018


  • Prepared and deployed the Twitter bot for our Rocket Chat
  • Reactified and improved the landing page background animation prototype
  • Extracted a bunch of shareable styles and components from the landing page into a separate module (they can be reused in other projects).
  • Prepared basic views for the product listing page and the product page for the Marketplace


  • Ethereum identity implementation on profile page
  • Fixed broken CI tests


  • Did some prototyping to combine train traffic information, smart contracts and the Streamr platform
  • Refactored code in Marketplace UI project


  • MQTT module extension for Streamr canvas to support certificates
  • New modules for decoding base64 and hex data from IOT streams
  • Prototyping integrations with MatchX & Lorauino and canvas
  • Prototyping integrations with Bosch XDK110 and canvas

We hope this gives you a more detailed insight into the specifics of our work. If you have any questions you’d like us to answer, please drop them in our Rocket Chat, the go-to place for interaction with our developers and other technical participants in our project. There you’ll find four chat rooms each with a specific purpose.


What’s more, we have tech-oriented moderators on hand to help and if you’ve got specific questions for the dev team, we’ll make sure they get answered ASAP. We look forward to seeing you there.

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