What the world said about Streamr in February

Streamr had a very exciting, and very busy, February. We released our FAQs and Trello Roadmap, we went open source on Github, and announced the launch of Streamr Labs. Happily, our efforts also helped generate a generous amount of media coverage in a wide variety of online publications. But rather than take our word for it, scroll down to check out the places we’ve been featured in this month.


Unstoppable Data for Unstoppable Apps — An Interview with Streamr’s Henri Pihkala

CryptoSlate chats with founder and CEO Henri Pihkala about the potential uses of Streamr, IOTA, and what the Streamr of 2027 might look like.

Key quote:

“You, your phone, your car, your home, the apps you use, the company you run, the city you live in — everything around you is constantly producing streams of real-time data. How much revenue are you earning from that data? Zero, you say? We want that changed.” — Henri Pihkala


Analytics, Crypto Gear Up For IoT Data Deluge

As Forbes tackled the topic of IoT, Streamr scored a mention as having the potential to help “create a more dynamic ecosystem that could further bolster IoT adoption”.

Key quotes:

“IoT promises exciting developments for data and analytics. The growth of IoT is expected to greatly ramp up big data’s “Three V’s”: velocity, variety and volume. Many expect that this deluge of raw data will become a gold mine.”“Blockchain-based data streaming platform Streamr … aims to break down the barriers to access IoT data streams through a decentralized data marketplace.”

Bitcoiner Today

Why Blockchain is the Solution to Keeping Up With the Rapidly Expanding IoT Ecosystem

Already in 2015 there were 15.4 billion plus connected devices worldwide. Bitcoiner looks at the exciting opportunities that Blockchain brings to an IoT world and how Streamr fits in.

Key quotes:

“DATAcoin is currently vastly undervalued in comparison to IOTA.”“Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and starting from scratch like IOTA, Streamr runs on the Ethereum blockchain.”


Blockchain Could Make You — Not Equifax — the Owner of Your Data

Investopedia ponders the status of data ownership, mentioning Streamr as one of the platforms aiming to disrupt the current model.

Key quote:

“Most of these projects are in their very early stages, but if they come to fruition, something unprecedented and rather strange may emerge: empty platforms, places that facilitate commerce in data, but where no one party is doing the facilitating. Henri Pihkala, founder and CEO of Streamr, a blockchain-based platform for live data streams, captures the paradox: “we make a central place which is decentralized.””

The Merkle

What Is Streamr DATAcoin?

The Merkle’s full-length feature of Streamr presents an easy-to-understand explanation of how everything works.

Key quotes:

It would not be surprising to see DATAcoin attract a lot of interest in 2018….from a purely financial perspective, this project holds a lot of potential.

The Ethfinex blog

A Conversation With Streamr

Ethfinex spoke with our CEO, Henri Pihkala, to learn more about our team and our plans for a decentralised data marketplace.

Key quotes

“We believe that creating a decentralised crypto powered platform to trade the world’s information will benefit everyone. Companies will be able to better build and market their products in the Internet of Things (IoT), people will finally gain control of the data they produce and society as a whole will be better off when the value in the data is not concentrated in the hands of a few giant companies.“

Needless to say, it’s great that so many people and publications are interested in our vision. We’re keen to keep on spreading the word as far and wide as possible. Consequently, if you’ve come across any more examples of media coverage, in whatever language, please do let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to share with the world.

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