Streamr Round-Up, Summer 2023

Streamr Round-Up Summer 2023

The summer season in the northern hemisphere is drawing to a close, and now it’s full steam ahead towards the 1.0 release, and the completion of the Streamr whitepaper. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening. Here are the highlights from the past few months!

Firing on all cylinders towards the Network 1.0 release!

The 1.0 release marks the culmination of the 2017 roadmap, and means Streamr is fully decentralized, production-ready and complete—without any caveats needed to prospective builders. The development team is busy putting the final pieces into place before we run incentivised testnets end-to-end for the first time.

We will explore the specifics in later content, but here’s a brief overview of the 1.0 release plan (dates yet to be confirmed):

  1. Internal testing
  2. SIP governance votes
  3. Public testnets
  4. Mainnet launch

A round of Streamr Improvement Proposal (SIP) governance voting will be held to seek consensus on aspects like testnet rewards, network parameters, operator rewards, and protocol fees. As usual the proposals will be written up and discussed before going to a Snapshot vote. And we invite you to submit your own proposals ahead of this.

With the upcoming 1.0 release, you can anticipate increased marketing and business outreach to push for Network adoption. To this end, I’m pleased to report that Nico Burkart has moved to a new role as Partnership and Business Development Manager.

For a closer look at our progress, check the 1.0 Trello board and listen to developers Juuso Takalainen and Eric Andrews discussing the upcoming release.

Streamr Open Data Challenge

The Streamr Open Data Challenge launched as a contest to add new real-time data streams to The Hub. For round one, the community was asked to integrate useful and interesting data with an eye for how the stream could be maintained.

Each winner presented a viable solution, leveraging Streamr in distinct ways:

First place

Art Sham leveraged the Streamr network to create an inventive tool for real-time air quality assessment.

Streamr Round-Up, Summer 2023

Joint second

Ümit Kirenci built a POC to optimises waste management by using real-time data to measure container fill levels in large metropolitan cities.

Joint second

Koutakou streamed data from the open French public data platform, with a specific focus on real-time energy production data.

Round two is concluding shortly, after a move to Learn Web3. We made this move to fuel the objective of driving open data in Web3, while getting the challenge to more developers in the Learn Web3 community.

The winners of round two and details of round three will follow soon.

Log Store

The Log Store AlphaNet from Usher Labs went live which brought the ability of decentralized storage and querying for any data transmitted over the Streamr Network. Log Store was proposed to Streamr Governance to fix a problem that when custom data is used within Smart Contracts, this data is typically requested from centralised, siloed environments which exposes security risks associated to data integrity and data availability.

The Log Store Network solves this issue by decentralising data management from the point of data collection, to storage and then to query. Consensus-driven data validity is managed by KYVE, and guaranteed permanence and immutability of data with Arweave.

Data streams from the Flux Cloud API on The Hub

The Hub now integrates data streams from the Flux Cloud API. This integration offers developers, data analysts, and the community a real-time view into the inner workings of the Flux Network.

Streamr Round-Up, Summer 2023

Key metrics include the number of application instances, total deployments, and unique applications, and performance metrics such as CPU resource consumption. This provides insights into how the Flux Cloud is being used, and can allow developers to make informed decisions, in real-time, about deployment that could improve their applications’ performance. Another milestone to champion open data in Web3!

P2P file transfers

Streamr Round-Up, Summer 2023

Jarno Marttila, Streamr Software Engineer, introduces a new PoC Command Line Interface to handle one-to-one and one-to-many file transfers using the Network.The point of this proof of concept was to demonstrate that Streamr can support use cases outside of the typical pub/sub use cases. Now that we have shown that it is possible to send files over Streamr, we hope that it’ll spark some ideas and thoughts on what else it could be used for.

An update on Data Unions and first look at Rail

A new project called Rail has been formed that builds on the payment distribution R&D from Data Unions. Rail makes on-chain group payments possible for any projects that struggle with distributing tokens at scale. Rail builds on the scalable token distribution standard from Data Unions but with an entirely different go-to-market strategy, going beyond the scope of Data Unions, into group payments.

Streamr Round-Up, Summer 2023

The Data Union DAO has paused its fundraising efforts. While we still firmly believe in the vision of Data Unions, the business case for a dedicated Data Union infrastructure provider has not been strong enough to attract venture capital to date. The airdrop token promise from SIP-3 and SIP-10 carries over from UNION to RAIL.

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