Goodbye Slack, goodbye scammers, hello Rocket.Chat

Goodbye Slack, goodbye scammers, hello Rocket.Chat

It is of course no surprise that we at Streamr take security very seriously; our entire real-time data platform depends on users being able to trust the system at all levels. The same can be said about nearly every other project in the space.

Unfortunately, our communities have as of late been infiltrated by forces determined to exploit every weakness. Up to now this has meant a full, unrequested penetration testing of our community infrastructure, for the purpose of phishing and other kinds of scams. We think it is long overdue to draw a line in the sand and simply put an end to this once and for all.

In order to fulfill the basic expectations of security, and to make our communities feel safe again, we have decided to follow the lead of projects such as Aragon, Golem, and OmiseGO, and completely move our real-time online groups from Slack to Rocket.Chat. Here we will have more fine-grained control over what users can and cannot do. We believe this will be effective in completely cutting out all the damaging actors.

Streamr will start migrating community members from Slack to Rocket.Chat within the next few weeks.

Thanks especially to Tatu Kärki of Aragon for organizing this exodus, and to Muhammed Tanrikulu of Golem for the modifications to Rocket that will hopefully make moderation simple.

Yours sincerely,

PS. Note that the only official Streamr community is our Slack (in the future, our Rocket.Chat). There are unofficial communities in at least Wechat and QQ. On Telegram there is only a scam channel, beware! Never send ETH to any address you receive on chats or emails.

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