Join the Streamr Team at MyData 2020

MyData 2020

Our friends at MyData Global are organising the annual gathering for anyone in the data space. From the 10th  to the 12th December, hundreds of entrepreneurs, builders, researchers and activists will be joining MyData’s three-day online conference to talk about how to bring positive change to the data economy. Some hot topics on the agenda are: data sovereignty, interoperability, and data governance, so of course the Streamr team had to get involved!.

As this year’s gold sponsor we’re happy to host three different sessions during the conference.

Fireside chat with MIT’s Sandy Pentland

On the evening of Friday 11th at 10:45pm UTC+0 Streamr’s Shiv Malik will host a 60 minute fireside chat with MIT’s Alex “Sandy” Pentland to talk about the business opportunities enabled by Data Unions and what technical implementations can look like.

Interoperability and Data Policy Panel

On the same evening, at 9:00pm UTC+0, I will be joined by Streamr’s two advisors Matt Prewitt and James Felton Keith, as well as the US Department of Homeland Security’s Anil John, to talk about data interoperability and what data policy in the US will look like under Biden’s cabinet.

Workshop: Build your own Data Union

On Saturday 12th, Streamr’s Head of Developer Relations, Matthew Fontana, Shiv and I will be hosting a workshop on How to build your own Data Union. This one is especially interesting for MyData’s Data Operators because they can leverage the infrastructure Streamr offers through its Data Union framework. Come and join us to learn more about it!

Come and say hi at the Streamr booth

With all the challenges 2020 has thrown our way, many of us have a new-found appreciation for face-to-face interaction. Our virtual booth might not be as fun as the physical ones we had in the past, but nonetheless we’ll be very excited to meet you there to chat about data ownership, Data Unions and data governance. Come and say hi!

There will be more than 150 presenters from all around the world at MyData global, all gathering to share their expertise. Take a look at the full program here.

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