Streamr 1.0 Mainnet is LIVE! Decentralized Data Broadcasting has Arrived! 

We’re thrilled to announce that the Streamr Network 1.0 Mainnet, a landmark milestone that signifies the completion of the original 2017 roadmap, is live! 1.0 introduces the full deployment of the $DATA token incentive layer, transforming the network into a feature-complete, fully decentralized protocol run and operated by its users. 

The culmination of over six years of research and development, three rounds of incentivized testnets, and overcoming a technical hurdle that caused a last minute launch abort, Streamr 1.0 is here marking a new era of decentralized data broadcasting. 

The first 1.0 sponsored stream contains the DIMO Weather Firehose, providing real-time environmental data at approximately 17 msgs per second from up to 67 thousand drivers worldwide. It will require 100 Operators to join, after which it will begin to payout out over 107k DATA per day to Operators.

A HUGE thank you to the community and everyone who helped us to reach this monumental project milestone. We hope you’re as excited as we are for the next chapters! 🧡

What’s new with 1.0?

  • Fully deployed tokenomics: The activation of the $DATA token incentive layer, means the Streamr Network can operate autonomously from the team as a neutral, fully decentralized messaging protocol.
  • Introduction of new network roles: The peer-to-peer market forces between Sponsors, Operators, and Delegators are unlocked. 
  • Stream sponsorships: Sponsors create and fund stream Sponsorships and staked Operators earn from them. These smart contracts manage the reward distribution among Operators, who run nodes and help to relay the data inside it. 
  • Trackerless network architecture: The transition to a trackerless architecture, leveraging a globally distributed hash table (DHT) for enhanced efficiency and scalability.
  • New benefits to node operators: With 1.0, it’s now possible to accept delegations and take a cut from the earnings, therefore affording node operators the chance to earn more. 1.0 also brings other enhancements for node operators, including the removal of node limits per IP, immediate reward claiming from active Sponsorships, and other quality of life improvements.

New use cases unlocked

With the 1.0 mainnet live, the stage is set to push for adoption and explore a host of exciting new use cases in areas such as Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), decentralized AI, and decentralized video streaming. 

Decentralized video streaming: We’re actively testing the network’s capacity to deliver scalable and stable video feeds to viewers at scale. By leveraging the Streamr peer-to-peer protocol, it’s possible to eliminate the reliance on centralized distribution points, allowing viewers to directly contribute to the broadcasting network as they consume the content, optimizing efficiency and scalability. 

Streamr 1.0 Mainnet is LIVE! Decentralized Data Broadcasting has Arrived! 

We’ll have more to share on this use case and how you can get involved soon! 

DePIN: 1.0 enhances the capacity for DePINs to transition from centralized data pipelines to a fully decentralized array of contributors. The network’s serverless, secure, and scalable framework is ideal for broadcasting data from and between connected devices, moving DePINs towards a truly distributed architecture.

Streamr 1.0 Mainnet is LIVE! Decentralized Data Broadcasting has Arrived! 

We expect to add to the growing pool of DePIN projects using the Streamr protocol. 

Decentralized AI: The 1.0 milestone also has the potential to transform artificial intelligence by positioning Streamr as a neutral data layer, offering secure data streams for AI development, reliability, and transparency. 

Streamr 1.0 Mainnet is LIVE! Decentralized Data Broadcasting has Arrived! 

With Streamr, AI models can interconnect, share insights, plug into real-time tuning data, live content distribution, and collectively enhance their intelligence. Integrating with a decentralized framework can provide a step towards ensuring AI operations are more open, verifiable, and up to date.

These changes, alongside the exploration of new use cases, underscore Streamr’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of decentralized technologies.

We hope you’ll join us in building the next generation of decentralized services and applications. To learn more, and get started, come and join us in the Streamr Discord community!

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