Streamr appoints new Head of Developer Relations

The Streamr project is pleased to announce that Matthew Fontana has been appointed as Head of Developer Relations. Matthew will be starting the role a few weeks before the expected public launch of the Streamr Data Union framework – where developers can build applications that enable users to control, monetise and license their data in tandem with thousands of others.

“As a former front end developer for Streamr, Matthew was the perfect candidate to take on the role,” said Streamr co-founder, Henri Pihkala. “Not only does he know our technology stack inside out, and have the requisite deep understanding of crypto, he also has great presentation and teamwork skills, and has already been instrumental in the creation of the developer docs and video tutorials we  have today. I welcome him to the new position and really look forward to watching our ecosystem grow under his lead.”

New appointee Matthew Fontana said, “I’m excited to join the Growth team in my new role, and I’m really looking forward to inspiring developers and giving them the confidence to build on the Streamr stack. My goal is to ensure that the Streamr developer ecosystem becomes as expansive as possible. Our tech is bleeding edge and the platform is truly empowering in every sense, so I expect to be pretty busy.”

Streamr appoints new Head of Developer Relations
Streamr’s new Head of Developer Relations, Matthew Fontana

Streamr’s Head of Growth, Shiv Malik said: “As long-standing members of the Streamr project, Matthew and I already have a close working relationship, so I’m really looking forward to working with him on a day-to-day basis. One thing I’ve always appreciated is that whenever there is pressure of a deadline, Matthew has always brought a calm and quiet air of diligence and expertise to the moment. The Developer Relations role is now more important than ever. Matthew’s predecessor, Weilei Yu, created a fantastic foundation over the last year-and-a-half; helping to establish an ecosystem, a community forum, the basic developer documentation and of course helping Swash and others get established.

As part of the wider Growth & Marketing team effort, Matthew will no doubt take the Streamr ecosystem, with a current focus on building out several more Data Union startups, to new heights over the next few years.”

If you are a third-party developer looking to learn more about what the Streamr stack can do for you, contact Matthew Fontana via:

The community forum

Telegram @matthew_streamr

Twitter @mattofontana

LinkedIn matthewjfontana

Or via email

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