News: Streamr partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to monetise car data

News: Streamr partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to monetise car data

Streamr, the blockchain-backed data platform, announced an ongoing partnership today with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, one of the world’s leading technology solutions and innovation companies. The partners will integrate standard vehicle technology, HPE’s interfacing, and Streamr’s Engine, resulting in vehicle data being delivered in real time to the Streamr Marketplace.

Commenting on the partnership, Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr said:

“As one of the first demonstrations in the world where a car’s data will be monetised onto a publicly available platform, makes this not only a truly important milestone on our journey, but a pivotal moment in the race to innovate. As we welcome the future of cities and towns, realtime data is required to drive smart cities forward.”

HPE is collecting information in real time from the communications “bus” in the car, an Audi Q2, where hundreds of data points arrive from sensors within the car. That data, from fuel consumption and location, to acceleration and gearing, can then be sent straight to the Streamr platform.

“This partnership with HPE not only solves some of the challenges associated with smart cities, it also proposes a solution to the question of data ownership. We want to ensure that when drivers get in their car and produce valuable data, no one is reaping the rewards but them, and with Streamr, we will always keep our users in the driving seat,” added Pihkala.

Streamr provides a single interface for real-time data delivery and payment, bringing together buyers and sellers. By using Streamr’s cryptographic token, DATA, it is possible to make data streams around the globe freely tradeable. The Streamr Engine is the high-performance analytics engine that aggregates, filters, and combines raw data with additional data to extract value.

Raphael Davison, worldwide director for blockchain at Hewlett Packard Enterprise said:

“Our main objective at HPE is accelerating time-to-value for our Enterprise Blockchain customers. We see Blockchain use cases evolving into what we call Blockchain 3.0: the intersection of Blockchain, IoT, big data, AI and the Intelligent Edge. Our partnership with companies like Streamr helps us bring this future closer to a reality.”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is now one of the world’s leading technology solutions and innovation companies and has a vast intellectual property portfolio and global research and development capabilities to help organisations of all sizes.

“Our current focus is the rollout of our data marketplace, but this is just the beginning for Streamr. Presenting individuals with an opportunity to monetise their data is one thing but encouraging vehicles to trade information between themselves in an economy where machines can “talk” to other machines in real time is a vital part of any smart economy. This is the future, and we are thrilled to be a part of it,” concluded Pihkala.

Streamr and Hewlett Packard Enterprise will demonstrate the true power of their partnership, May 14–16 at the Streamr pavilion at Consensus 2018 in New York, where individuals will have the opportunity to see data “flowing” through an Audi Q2 chassis.

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