Streamr and VTT partner up for bigger & better public blockchain tech

Streamr and VTT partner up for bigger & better public blockchain tech

One of the most overlooked aspects of what Streamr can offer to realtime data providers is access to easy smart contracting.

For those who’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ll know this. Our first public demo was the Helsinki tram demonstration. Back in November at DevCon3, Henri got on stage to show the conference how you could set up an amazing smart contracting system that ran off the Ethereum blockchain in under ten minutes.

Today we’re announcing our partnership with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, one of Europe’s largest R&D facilities, because they’ve also realised the huge potential Streamr offers in this regard.

Who are VTT?

VTT is a Finnish government-backed technology centre with over 2,000 employees — 27% of whom have doctorates — and an annual operating turnover of €188M. Currently, they have 1,324 patents granted or pending, and they’ve published 610 international journal articles. They’ve been interested in blockchain technology for quite some time now, but this partnership is their first move into utilising public blockchains, and the first time they will use cryptographic tokens in a commercial demonstration.

VTT has the largest independent Finnish cyber security team in the field, and needless to say, they know their stuff. At both the 2017 and 2018 Nokia hackathons, they were the best at identifying the key vulnerabilities.

How VTT will empower people

With the help of the Streamr data platform, VTT plans to integrate Ethereum smart contracting with live data flows in order to create Web 3.0 applications. The project has the potential to empower individuals, companies, and even society as a whole to use public blockchain technology.

So what’s first on the agenda? VTT will be exhibiting the Anti Theft Sticker, a smart tag technology to help safeguard precious goods without exposing their location, at the blockchain technology summit Consensus, held May 14–16 2018 in New York City. You can find them at Streamr’s pavilion for a demo.

“It’s wonderful to be teaming up with VTT, and for them to not just be supporting Streamr but the wider blockchain and crypto space,” says Streamr CEO Henri Pihkala.“They have an impressive reputation for innovation and so I’m really looking forward to what we can do together and showcasing their forthcoming presentation at our pavilion in New York at Consensus 2018.”

Blockchain for a brighter future

VTT’s plans don’t end at Web 3.0 applications. Further services based on the Streamr data platform are in the works, too. We might not be able to reveal them to you just yet, but we can say that the future is looking mighty bright!

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