Streamr Community Survey 2022

Streamr Community Survey 2022

It’s just over two years since the last Streamr survey—and with a lot of new faces in the community following the recent launch of the Brubeck Mainnet, we think the time is right to gather your feedback and get to know you all better.

The last community survey was launched at the start of 2020 when much Streamr communication centred around the Data Union Framework and early builders. With the current focus on Brubeck and the added incentive to run a node and stake, it will be interesting to compare how the community and their perceptions of Streamr have evolved.

Streamr Community Survey 2022
A result from 2020 survey showing Data Unions as the community’s main interest

We’re in the process of reshaping our marketing strategy as we approach the final milestone on the roadmap, Tatum. This is a pivotal moment for the project as we work to define our communication approach, goals, and market fit for adoption of the tech stack. No doubt the community will play a critical role in reaching these goals, so your honest feedback is needed!

It’s also a pleasure to announce a new hire in the Marketing team: Douglas Stewart has joined Streamr as Chief Marketing Officer. Douglas has worked with a number of projects in the Web3 and emerging tech spaces, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and unique take on marketing and content. You’ll have the chance to meet Douglas and discuss the survey results in an introductory AMA in the next few weeks (data TBA).

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