Streamr Technical Update, June 2022

Streamr Technical Update

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening on the Streamr network and application layers in the past few weeks!

We also held a recent technical AMA with Streamr developers, Juuso Takalainen and Eric Andrews. Make sure to check it out for the latest development insights.

On the Network layer

  • A new version of the Broker (31.0.4) is released that solves a node crashing issue, especially experienced by US-based node operators.
  • A new ProtoRPC library package is created to help the Streamr Protocol transition from JSON to binary based.
  • Reward allocation in Bounty smart contracts is complete. Next, we’re working on tests for metatransactions and a first simple kick policy where the bounty creator can kick out brokers they don’t like.
  • Adding metrics from light nodes is complete.
  • Work continues to make the Streamr Network trackerless for added scalability and decentralization. The next steps involve forming the actual stream topologies based on the underlying DHTs.
  • Implementing free rider detection. Completed a PoC of the lowest layer (receipts signing). Next up, working on the inspection layer (checking receipts).
  • Work is in progress on the delegator agreement smart contract, along with Tatum subgraph and metatransaction support for the bounty contracts.
  • Added message ordering and gap filling optimisations and fixes.
  • Work on refactoring of Group key delivery and more tests.

On the application layer

  • Sami Gabor has joined the Ethereum team this week, his first task is the multi-chain marketplace upgrade.
  • Chat App features added include room pinning, alias/nicknames, and better transaction wait notifications. Working on announcement rooms, ENS support, and token gating features next.
  • Work continues on creating a new Data Union Client by extracting the Data Union methods from the Streamr Client.
  • Design of the Streamr Hub is more-a-less completed. Moving onto implementation in the coming weeks after the multi-chain marketplace release.

Watch more in the full AMA with Co-Founder Henri Pihkala 

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