Streamr Round-Up, June 2022

Streamr Round-Up, June 2022

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening at Streamr in June, starting with Henri Pihkala’s summary of the month’s activities:

It’s been a busy few weeks, with lots of heads-down development work as we build towards the Tatum milestone. In the current Brubeck version of the network, payments to Streamr node runners are made by the team each month. With Tatum, the full token incentive layer is added, which marks version 1.0 of the fully decentralized Streamr Network. 

Another focus from the last few weeks has been the Streamr Chat App. The Chat App is an Ethereum based group wallet messenger pilot built on top of the Streamr Network. Chat rooms are streams on the Network, with messages cryptographically signed by participants. The beta version will be ready for testing soon, so keep an eye on our channels for updates! 

We’re also working internally on our communication strategy and product market fit to support the Tatum launch beyond, as well as other developments that you can read more about below.

—  Henri Pihkala

Co-founder, Streamr


Decentralized Real-Time Prediction Network

Satori, an ambitious new project from developer Jordan Miller, sponsored by the Data Fund, is leveraging the Streamr Network to provide a better than chance real-time data prediction engine. Satori nodes communicate with each other and obtain real world data, so the Streamr Network is a perfect match. Read more about this fascinating use case using machine learning and real-time data to predict the future.

Streamr AMAs

The community has enjoyed several recent YouTube AMAs from Streamr team members focused on the ecosystem, the latest project news, and the road ahead to the Tatum milestone. There was an ecosystem AMA from Matthew Fontana, a general AMA from Henri Pihkala, and most recently, a developer focused AMA from Stream developers Eric Andrews and Juuso Takalainen. You can check the question timestamps in the description—and be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more.

Streamr Lightpaper and the Chat App

We’ve made getting onboarded to the Streamr vision and tech a little easier with a new lightpaper. The lightpaper explains the core offering of the Streamr Network and tech stack, with some of the most prominent use cases highlighted in a concise format. Take a look for a first introduction to the upcoming Streamr Chat App, as well as a section on the DATA token’s utility. We’ll have more to share on the Chat App soon!


Streamr Node Contest Winners, Round Two

Following its success in the Brubeck Testnets, we relaunched the Streamr Bonus Rewards contest to find the most interesting node setups from the community. There were categories for the best looking nodes, worst looking (but still functioning) nodes, the greenest setups and more. Take a look at the winners from this round.

Building on Streamr Series, Re-Public DAO

Streamr’s Anthony Wuyts spoke with Re-Public DAO Founder Keith Axline. Re-Public is an open source platform, currently in a mobile app form, that helps users collect, control, and monetise their personal data. Get to know more about the motivations for creating the platform, how it works, and why they decided to build with the Streamr Network, in this video.

Upcoming events

JUN 7 International Mobility Data Summit

Matthew Fontana is speaking at the International Mobility Data Summit on the subject: Not everything is about MaaS: Mobility data used for research, advocacy, and planning. Also on the panel are the IBI Group and University of Toronto.

JUL 22 The Global NFT Summit 2022 London

Matthew Fontana will also speak at the Global NFT Summit 2022 in London. The contents of the talk will focus on dynamic real-time data NFTs and the “Shareable NFT” of the ATARCA Project.

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