Why we’ve created a Streamr subreddit and why we hope you’ll join

Why we’ve created a Streamr subreddit and why we hope you’ll join

We’re happy to announce that as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our community outreach and communications we’ve now launched an official Streamr subreddit.

A great way to help the community grow and learn more

For us, and the wider Blockchain community, as with many other niches, Reddit has proven itself as an outstanding platform for bootstrapping communities, and a treasure trove of interesting information. As many of our readers will know, Reddit is more than just the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet”. It is home to literally tens of thousands of communities. Happily, this means that many redditors are already connected to cryptocurrency, Blockchain projects and other related communities. What’s more, Reddit also has a very workable reputation system as well as a rich ecosystem of moderation tools.

We want to hear more from you

As our platform grows into a decentralized, entirely community-powered, self-incentivizing P2P network, we’re ever keener to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we should progress. This brings us to one of the most important things about our Reddit community effort: we will work our butts off to make sure our subreddit is a pleasant place of learning and networking for everyone. Many of the fine subreddits we’ve engaged with are run by people we know and trust, like /r/GolemProject, and the experience there has been just great. It’s this model of moderation we aim to follow. To see for yourself why not come and join us on /r/streamr. From today, we look forward to sharing even more interesting insights with you there. One first specific thing we’d like to ask for on our subreddit, is that you consider contributing good questions to the FAQ thread.

You are welcome to follow our other official channels, Rocket.Chat and Twitter, as well. Likewise, please subscribe to our Youtube channel — we have some interesting content coming up there in the near future.

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