You’ve got DATA! — Airdrop announcement

In a previous blog post, we hinted at a nice little surprise coming up. Well, for sure, the recently announced major exchange listing will count as one, but that’s not the surprise we had in mind at the time. We were planning an airdrop.

An airdrop means, in this case, taking a snapshot of the ETH balances on all existing accounts on the Ethereum blockchain, and distributing out Streamr DATAcoin to each address in proportion to how much ETH it holds. While an unconceivable stunt in traditional centralised finance, the open ledger of the blockchain makes this possible. It is like inverse pickpocketry at scale: small amounts of tokens are automatically pushed into everyone’s pockets, with no action required on the receiver’s end.

Impressed and humbled by the support and attention our project received from the Ethereum community during our ICO, we wanted to give a little something back: Plant seeds which may grow to great network effects. Establish DATA as a staple item in most Ethereum enthusiasts’ wallet, enabling them to try out the product later on. And celebrate the upcoming Devcon3 conference with some DATA fireworks!

We are dropping a total of 10 million DATA to all 433,045 addresses which held at least 1 ETH at block #4270897. This equals around 1% of all DATAcoin in existence, and amounts to approximately 0.1 DATA per held ETH. You will only receive DATA if you held at least 1 ETH.

As some of you may have noticed, the airdrop is already happening. It is being carried out at a modest pace to avoid clogging the Ethereum network too much, and will take over a week to complete. The progress bar below shows the state of the airdrop.

You’ve got DATA! — Airdrop announcement

The snapshot block is from September 13th, the day before our precontribution period started in September. We thought it would be a nice gesture to use a pre-ICO snapshot, in order to observe the ETH contributed to our ICO still held by their original owners.

While modest in size and value compared to the most notable ERC20 token airdrop in history, the one recently completed out by OmiseGO, we are at a much earlier stage in our journey as a project. But we follow in the footsteps of giant(s).

A significant amount of ETH is held by the large exchanges in their various hot and cold wallets. We warmly encourage the exchanges to pass on the dropped tokens to their clients using any logic they choose. It would also be awesome if token projects holding significant ETH chose to show their support by re-airdropping the DATA they receive to their respective token holders!

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May the weather be clear in Cancun despite the DATA rain! See you there! Best wishes.

Please stay safe! There is nothing you need to do receive the airdrop. There is no claiming procedure, it is automatic. If you see a message asking you to take action, such as log in to your wallet or provide any information, it is a scam.

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