6 simple ways to earn with Streamr

6 simple ways to earn with Streamr

Whoa there! What a bonkers couple of weeks in the crypto world. Even for seasoned OGs, events of the last couple of weeks have left us all a little shaken.

This time it’s driven by the shenanigans over at FTX. While we have been entertained following the many conspiracy theories about how and where those missing $Billions have gone—we genuinely feel sorry for any community members that have lost out.

But never fear as you are in the right place.

By helping decentralize and secure the Streamr Network—there are plenty of ways to get through the rough times together.

1. Set up a Streamr node and stake $DATA

This one is for the devs and technically minded. It’s relatively easy, all you need is some $DATA to stake and a Mac, PC, Raspberry PI or even a toaster (yes it’s possible!). Go here to find out how! Once you have set up a node, you enjoy monthly payouts the first week of every month.

If that wasn’t enough, when the Tatum Milestone comes to the network in 2023, you can simply delegate your DATA tokens to Broker nodes which will generate a yield from their bandwidth contribution to the Network. You can follow the latest progress towards Tatum on our public Trello board.

2. Run your Streamr Nodes with Zonaris

Can’t code? Can’t even write a line of HTML? Setting up a node fills you with dread? No worries—Zonaris has got your back. Zonaris is a no code solution for running Streamr nodes. They do the hard work for you by offering a quick click solution to launch Streamr nodes in exchange for a percentage of the earning.

Hell, we’re so nice there’s even a Streamr monthly give away comp for your chance to win free Zonaris nodes:

3. Win tokens, NFTs, and more with the StreamTeam bounty app

6 simple ways to earn with Streamr

Now this one is our personal favourites. Less than a few weeks old—this gives anyone the chance to help build awareness of the Streamr project by completing daily marketing actions. Tell your gran, teacher, milkman—whoever, the more the merrier 🎉

Want to find out more? Go to the launch blog!

StreamTeam🚀 for the win!

4. Hack, hack, hack away!

If you are a dev, and want to build, sign up to this typeform—it connects you with the core dev and dev rel team at Streamr. We’ll be in touch with news about hackathons for prizes, grant opportunities, one-off jobs for the Streamr core dev team and more.

Make sure to follow the core dev team @henripihkala, @mattofontana, and Streamr Dev Rel and Developer_DAO member @nicoburkart on Twitter.

Also, check out the grants section on the Streamr site here.

5. Join a Data Union!

Data Unions are a privacy focused way to monetise the data you produce by pooling it together with others for sale. You join an app that receives user data, select the data you want to trade, and receive a cut of tokens when someone pays for it.

The DIMO and Swash Data Unions are an awesome two to start earning with right away!

6 simple ways to earn with Streamr
Don’t worry, understanding this chart is not a requirement to get revenue from your data 😅

6. Run a Presearch node!

And as the cherry on top—check out the Web3 search engine which Presearch gives node operators PRE tokens for joining and supporting their network. Rewards are sent to those who stake at least 4,000 PRE to their node, with additional awards on offer for those who stake more!

Streamr has applied for a $1 million advertising grant from Presearch. So while you’re there, we’d appreciate it if you could add a vote for us!

And there you have it, a few Web3-powered ways to brave the … er, Web3-created storm. Make sure to join the community on Discord and keep an eye out for more ways to earn and win with Streamr! 🧡

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