Streamr Awards are here! Contribute and earn unique sNFTs

“Hang on, wtf are sNFTs?” I hear you ask … Here’s the TLDR: there’s a brand new type of token on the scene that is non-transferable, meaning it cannot be sent to another wallet, but is shareable, meaning a copy can be minted to someone who is a co-contributor?

These are Streamr Awards🏅!

Streamr Awards are here! Contribute and earn unique sNFTs

Streamr has been working with the ATARCA consortium since 2021 to create new types of non-rival and anti-rival community incentives. The aim is to acknowledge and reward community contributions that benefit the whole Streamr ecosystem.    

Launched today, ATARCA is now pleased to present the Talko platform for Web3 communities to send sNFT award tokens to their community members. sNFT stands for shareable non-fungible token, and it is unique token type developed in the ATARCA project to be shareable between people.

Let’s see how it works!

Streamr Awards are here! Contribute and earn unique sNFTs

What can I do on the Talko platform?

On the Talko platform, you can browse the awards you have received and those given to the community. Award token recipients will be able to further share their tokens to other members of the community that have had impact on their contributions—a unique feature of sNFTs. Furthermore, anyone can voice their opinion related to the awards by liking them in decentralized fashion in the form of minting NFT tokens related to the awards.

How can I participate?

Make a positive contribution to the Streamr community and nominate others or share your work in Discord at the #streamr-awards🏅 channel.

How else can I get Streamr Awards?

Streamr Awards are arriving in the Streamr referral app, StreamTeam. StreamTeam is a fun way to help the Streamr ecosystem grow and win DATA tokens and rewards, now including sNFTs!

How often are Streamr Awards given?

We are monitoring the activity at Streamr Discord continuously and are prepared to mint new award tokens on a weekly basis.

Streamr Awards are here! Contribute and earn unique sNFTs

What can I do with the Streamr Awards?

If you have earned a contribution award, you’ll be able to share it with your peers. Each contribution award has an unique AI-generated art style alongside the information of what was done to earn it. All NFTs in the Talko platform are variants of ERC-721, so you’ll be able to use them anywhere where you can use an ERC-721 type of token, such as a social media profile picture, with an exception that they are not transferable.

Do Streamr Awards come with any added benefits?

As the Talko platform develops, we will likely explore bringing added perks to sNFT recipients in the form of early access to Streamr ecosystem innovations, beta testing, and more.

Streamr Awards are here! Contribute and earn unique sNFTs

What’s coming next?

We are continuously exploring new features to make the user experience better at Talko platform and to give new benefits for the sNFT awardees.

If you’d like to learn more about the Talko platform or how you can get involved, head over to the #streamr-awards🏅channel on Discord.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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