Adding Value to Indian Devs & Entrepreneurs with the Streamr Data Challenge

Data Challenge
Adding Value to Indian Devs & Entrepreneurs with the Streamr Data Challenge

The Streamr Data Challenge brought together a talented set of developers who are using Streamr to build interesting solutions to real-world problems. With a vision to evangelise the value of decentralized data to Indian developers and entrepreneurs, the Data Challenge has created a community of kindred folk. On account of the progress made, here’s a round-up of this journey and interesting aspects of this Data Challenge.

What is the Streamr Data Challenge and how does it add value to the Indian developer community?

The Streamr Data Challenge is a clarion call for entrepreneurs and developers who are building applications that have active data economies, inviting them to innovate with privacy-preserving, ethical user data management. It shortlists individuals who have such applications, or are adding such a data layer into their existing applications, and provides them with support to build these solutions on the Streamr stack.

The winners of the challenge stand a chance to win prizes from a pool of 5,000 USD, and the top 20 teams that make the final shortlist are guaranteed to win prizes.

The Streamr Data Challenge not only educates entrepreneurs and innovators (both existing and aspiring) about building Data Unions—an ethical framework on the Streamr stack, that allows people to sell their real-time data and earn revenue— it also incentivises them to give enterprise-grade ethical data management the focus it deserves. The Streamr Data Challenge also  provides technical support in terms of exploring use cases, integrations, etc.

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Streamr Data Challenge Community Meetups

So far, we have conducted a Streamr meetup, a one-on-one-based meetup and an internal AMA for the shortlisted participants. As the first interactive touchpoint for the community, the Streamr meet-up was focused on providing developers and entrepreneurs with an introduction to Streamr, with a live demo of the platform by Matthew Fontana, the project’s Head of Developer Relations.

The first Streamr Data Challenge Meetup

In the context of the Streamr Data Challenge, we also created a more personalised setup with the participating teams; 10 projects and startups with credible use cases for integrating Streamr in the solutions they are developing. We had the opportunity to dive deep into the solutions that each startup was working on, in the one-to-one sessions, and provided them with the next steps to build solutions on Streamr accordingly.

In addition to this, in the later phase of the Data Challenge, we hosted an informal AMA for the participants. The participants posed their questions with respect to the validity of use cases, opportunities for scaling, Streamr’s technical support, and more.

Coming up!

With our plans in motion, the next order of business for us is unveiling the shortlist of participants who will be eligible to win prizes from a pool of 5,000 USD. We expect to release this by the first week of February.

Closing Thoughts

So far, we’ve understood that the Indian developer and entrepreneur communities are thriving. Streamr’s value in enabling decentralized data sharing economies fits perfectly into an overall vision to preserve data privacy and create meaningful relationships between tech businesses and their users.

Overall, we have received an overwhelming response from student circles, with over 150 submissions. The projects that we have received span across various industry verticals, such as healthcare, media/entertainment and IoT-based products. These entrants are eager to add a new and exciting layer of ethical data management to their existing products and services.

We’re excited to progress the idea of decentralized data economies for the Indian developer and entrepreneur spaces. This might be the start of a value-driven data economy for Indian consumers and we’re happy to push this innovation forward.

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