Meet the Top 5 projects from the Streamr Data Challenge

Top 5 projects in the Streamr Data Challenge
Meet the Top 5 projects from the Streamr Data Challenge

The Streamr Data Challenge, based in India, brought together a talented set of developers in an open innovation program, inviting them to create valuable data economies through the Streamr Data Union framework. By integrating with the Data Union framework, participating developers can easily bundle and crowd sell the real-time data that their users generate, gain meaningful consent from those users and reward them by sharing data sales revenue. In effect, this enables the developers to create an open data ecosystem, thereby democratising the data economy.

Five exciting months and 200+ registrations later, we’re finally ready to announce the Top 5 teams of the Streamr Data Challenge who will present the solutions they built at the demo day for a chance to win a grant worth $5000 USD.

Here are the Top 5 projects chosen to be a part of the grand finale:

PlantPay by Team Binary

PlantPay is an initiative by Team Binary, a four-member group of students from the SRM University AP Amaravathi. PlantPay incentivises users to plant saplings and nurture them. The app encourages people to participate in creating a greener world by materialising accountability and maintaining a tamper-proof ledger that can record activity for further incentivisation. Plantpay’s Data Union records data on the nature of the plant, health conditions, soil, location etc, all of which can help stakeholders in this space to gather meaningful insights.

Geeks Squad’s agriculture query platform for farmers

Geek Squad is a four-member team from Walchand College of Engineering who were inspired to provide a one-stop forum to help educate farmers and answer agriculture-related queries. As a part of their Data Union, Geek Squad gathers data such as pictures of crops grown, soil-related data and the health of these crops. This data can be put on a marketplace for wholesalers to assess the crop being grown in a particular region. The nature of soil sourced from the pictures can be used by surveyors to understand the quality of soil over a period of time in a particular region.

Up-Health by Hack Inversion

Hack Inversion,a three-member group hailing from SRM University, developed UpHealth, a healthcare app that tracks and maintains health and fitness records. The Data Union integration for the app enables the collection of data from electronic medical records, without sharing the patients’ personal information. If a patient chooses to share their medical history, they can be rewarded with Streamr DATAcoins that they can redeem on their next visit.

Smart Agri Tech Kit by Redixolabs

Redixolabs is a four member team based out of the Indian Institute of Information Technology. They devised an application that will help farmers learn more about technology and the solutions that it offers. This Data Union app records farm yield, stores this data on the cloud and tracks the status of the crop yield. This data can be very useful for wholesalers or large scale restaurants wishing to source high-quality crops.

Vidhira by Aathmanirbhar

Vidhira is an application developed by a four member team from the Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management. Their decentralized web application, Aathmanirbhar, is designed for content creators who want to showcase their work without having to worry about their content being plagiarised; their content is tagged with a unique ID for this purpose. The Data Union records this information and streams it to a marketplace where people looking to buy content can pay for it, which in return rewards the creator of the content.

Our hearty congratulations to the Top 5 teams!

These teams will now battle it out at the Streamr Data Challenge Demo Day for the top prize by making their pitches. We congratulate everyone from the shortlisted teams for their star efforts in creating Data Unions.

Come join us in supporting these projects on the 6th of March, 17:00PM IST onwards, register here.

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