Brubeck mainnet and staking rewards go live!

Brubeck mainnet and staking rewards go live!

Brubeck mainnet and staking rewards go live!

Today, we make Streamr history and proudly launch the Brubeck network.

Web3 projects, builders, and developers now have access to a highly scalable and performant decentralized real-time data network. We encourage our community members to run a node to participate in the growth of the Network and earn DATA tokens.

If you’ve been following along during the pre-launch phase, a few things have changed that you should be aware of:

  • We have improved the stability of the node software. There are now stable releases of both the Broker node, and the Client. If you have downloaded an alpha or beta build version of the Broker or Client, it is recommended that you upgrade to benefit from these stability improvements.
  • Staking DATA on Polygon got a lot easier with Binance offering support for DATA withdrawals direct to the Polygon Network this week. Our explainer blog post – Streamr Network staking: how to mine rewards in the Brubeck Mainnet has been updated to reflect this.
  • Our client and project developer docs have been updated to the Brubeck era.

Builders on Brubeck

In case you missed the previous announcements, here are the key points again:

  • Streams that exist on the Corea Network don’t yet exist on the Brubeck Network—you will need to migrate your streams using the Core App.
  • & are now on the Brubeck Network. After the launch, Corea Network streams, along with the Corea Marketplace, will remain available at until May 31st.
  • The Streamr Java client will not be upgraded to Brubeck. Publishing and subscribing to data from practically all programming languages becomes unlocked through the new Broker interface pattern.
  • There are breaking API changes in the JS Client between Corea and Brubeck (v5 to v6).

For more information, please contact the team on Discord and check out the Launchpad blog.

Staking Dashboard

A developer in our community has leveraged some of the Network API endpoints (listed in our how to run a node blog) to build a dashboard to monitor node rewards and the global state of the network. You can check it out here.
Brubeck mainnet and staking rewards go live!

Want to learn more about Streamr and running a node? Join the discussion and find your channel on Discord.

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