News: Streamr and Fysical to Radically Reshape Road Planning

Blockchain-backed data platform Streamr announce pilot project to build nationwide traffic model of Georgia

News: Streamr and Fysical to Radically Reshape Road Planning

Streamr, the blockchain-backed data platform, is deepening its relationship with decentralized location data market Fysical to use realtime aggregated location to more accurately inform and shape traffic models. The collaboration will leverage data from mobile apps on 10 million phones to enable the development of new and improved infrastructure in an industry that has largely relied on limited information. Through its collaboration with Fysical, Streamr demonstrates a significant use case of how data can be collected, modeled, and used to improve the delivery of transport planning services within the infrastructure industry.

Streamr has procured Bold Native Advisors Ltd (Native), a global multidisciplinary consulting firm, to build a traffic model of Georgia using aggregated location data obtained from apps on iOS and Android phones. The pilot aims to build a new demand matrix for a traffic model, with the country of Georgia selected due to the fact that in 2017 Native built a model in Georgia on behalf of the World Bank, using traditional datasets and roadside interviews.

Ben Sheppard, Head of Partnerships at Streamr, said: “Building a traffic model of Georgia using datasets obtained via the Streamr Marketplace is a fantastic example of how Streamr is enabling data to be used in an improved way. We are breaking down the barriers between data producers and users, to facilitate new ways of delivering traditional services in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. We see a huge market for this type of work, which is why we felt it important to undertake this pilot and show the transport planning community what can be made possible through Streamr Marketplace.”

Through its data Marketplace, Streamr is rectifying the existing roadblocks to efficiently developing traffic models. Among other features, the data Marketplace enables national transport authorities to use vast amounts of traffic-related data that was previously difficult to access. Together, Streamr, Fysical, and Bold Native are pioneering a real-world use case that highlights the benefits of recent historic information and data in the development of infrastructure.

Justin Mann, co-founder of Fysical, said: “This pilot project with Streamr will demonstrate the utility of applying realtime location data for the transport planning community. By leveraging information already available from Streamr’s data Marketplace, we look forward to creating initiatives that will help governments spearhead initiatives that benefit the lives of their citizens.”

Streamr and Fysical first established their partnership in May 2018 to allow consumers to reclaim and monetize the realtime data that is being generated about them from hundreds of mobile apps and other devices. Now through this pilot project they are making further advances to realise the potential of a global data economy. Streamr allows for this existing data to be processed through a decentralized infrastructure to ensure greater transparency in the industry.

Ben Sheppard, Head of Partnerships at Streamr, and Justin Mann, Co-founder of Fysical, are available for interview

Media Contact: Kerry Close, Account Supervisor // Wachsman,

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