Dev Update October 2018

Welcome to October’s Developer update! Over the last month the dev team has been pushing hard on four fronts: The Network, Community Products, Usability and Stability. The frontend team has been focusing on improving the usability of the Marketplace, implementing some minor bug fixes and … Read more

Dev Update August + September 2018

Juuso (first row left) Wei (second from the right row) and Julieta (middle of second row) with the winners of our Mexican Hackathon in mid-September Welcome to our Dev Update covering August and most of September. The first thing you might notice is that I’m … Read more

Dev update February 2018

Welcome back to our monthly Streamr developer update! February has been a really busy month for the development team. We’ve been working hard on the development of the Marketplace, which has started to come together really nicely. In February, we also open-sourced the code for … Read more

Dev update January 2018

Welcome to the Streamr team’s first developer update! I’m Aapeli Haanpuu and I’ll be here to update you every month about how our software development is coming along and what each member of the team has been up to during the last 30 days or … Read more

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