The Streamr Node of the month competition is back!

The Streamr Node of the month competition is back!

It’s time to show us your Streamr nodes again with a relaunch of the Node of the Month competition last debuted during the Network Testnets.

With 7,000 thousand nodes in the Network, and the versatility that they can be run on almost any connected device, we’re sure there’s all kinds of interesting setups we’d love to see.

Testnet winner for greenest node

Take a look at the previous winners from round one and round two of the Testnets for inspiration.

How to enter

Tweet a picture of your node setup, describe the reward category (listed below) you are entering for, mention the @Streamr Twitter account and use the hashtag #StreamrNodeContest. It might look something like:

“Check out my greenest node 🌿 entry @Streamr. #StreamrNodeContest”

Provide as much detail as you like about what makes your node special, this can be with a thread, or posted on Twitter as a blog or video, if you like. But of course do not include your private key or any sensitive information in the tweet!

After the end of the month*, we’ll contact our favorites that we think deserve a bonus prize of $100 in DATA. Please ensure your settings allow a direct message to your profile Twitter from the official @Streamr account.

You’ll need to ensure your node is really connected to the Streamr Network, as you may be asked to prove a successful connection to claim the prize.

*The contest is open now, with the first winners chosen at the end of July, and then each month from then on.

Award categories

Let us know where you think your Streamr node belongs from this list:

  • Best looking node 😍
  • Worst looking (but still functioning) node 🤪
  • Greenest node 🌿
  • Most sophisticated node management system 🎓
  • Miscellaneous 🌀

Testnet winner for best looking node

We look forward to seeing your entry submissions!

Join the Streamr community in Discord to connect with other node runners. Good luck!

Participation is at your own risk. We reserve the right to cancel or amend this contest at any time. Over 18s only. Anyone found to be gaming the contest or attempting to pass off another’s entry, or a picture taken from elsewhere, as their own, will be excluded from the contest. Winners will be notified by direct message from the official @streamr Twitter account only.

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