Thank you to everyone who entered round two of the Streamr Network Bonus Rewards contest. It’s possible for almost any device with a stable internet connection to run a node and stake in the decentralized Streamr Network, so we’re always interested to see the diverse setups deployed by the community.

Here are our favourites from this round!

Best looking node

Top marks for the node setup and presentation. Wow! 

Worst looking (but still functioning) node

Looks awful indeed, but if it works it works

Most green node

Love this green Raspberry Pi build—great work!

Most sophisticated node management system

Miscellaneous — tell us why your node is special

ICT lessons have come a long way!
Interesting to see Streamr nodes on the road. Please don’t node and drive or distract the driver, though!

Thanks again for all of your images. The winners have been contacted to receive their prize. Were any of these node setups an inspiration for you? Find out how to participate in the Streamr Network in this blog and join us on Discord for the latest updates!