Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening at Streamr in the first part of 2023 as we continue to build towards the 1.0 version of the Network. Here are the highlights!

News beta went live

Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

In March we launched the beta version of, a decentralized group chat instant messenger. Built on the Streamr Network, beta offers tamper-proof communication, token-gated chat rooms, hot wallet signings, and fast transactions with Polygon. The app uses a peer-to-peer WebRTC mesh network and is hosted on IPFS for end-to-end decentralization. Try the beta today and share your feedback to help us explore new possibilities in serverless communication!  

Streamr and Lit integration

Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

Historical data decryption has been added to the Streamr Network thanks to an integration with Lit Protocol. Lit stores encryption keys on its network, allowing subscribers to access them based on Streamr smart contracts, even if the publisher has gone offline. This improves encrypted historical data accessibility, which is especially valuable for applications like The integration is not activated by default, but can be configured for both publishers and subscribers.  

Streamr nodes added to the Flux Marketplace  

Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

A new collaboration between Streamr and Flux was announced that means it’s possible to deploy Streamr nodes via the Flux Cloud. This provides another way for node runners to spin up nodes faster and easier, without compromising decentralization, to meet demand and therefore enhance the scalability of the Network. Read more in this article on Yahoo News!

Two key milestones for the Streamr Network

Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

This period also saw important milestones for the Streamr Network. March 2023 marked the one year anniversary of the launch of the Brubeck Mainnet—the milestone where the Network moved into a fully decentralized state, where it has since remained without any downtime. In the past few weeks, we also passed 70M DATA tokens staked on the Network and climbing. Thank you to our node runner community for continuing to support and secure the Streamr Network!


StreamTeam relaunched as a node onboarding contest

Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

Following its initial launch, StreamTeam has relaunched as version 2.0—shifting its focus towards Web3 education and teaching users how to set up and manage Streamr nodes. The new StreamTeam aims to guide participants from Web3 beginners to decentralization experts. With an improved user experience and daily actions designed for learning, StreamTeam v2.0 allows users to grow the Streamr Network and secure it further while gaining rewards. Give it a try!

Dedrop file sharing dApp built on Streamr

Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

In February, we attended the Penn Blockchain hackathon, and as a result, saw the winning entry build a new dApp prototype on Streamr called Dedrop. Dedrop is a dApp built on the Streamr Network, providing secure and serverless file-sharing. Using Streamr’s peer-to-peer infrastructure, Dedrop offers fast, private, and censorship-resistant file transfers, showcasing the potential of dApps on Streamr. We hope to see it develop!  

Zonaris launched their new node dashboard

Streamr Round-Up, April 2023

The new Zonaris dashboard is now live, offering an all-in-one solution for non-technical node runners. The updated features include a way to track portfolio amounts, streamlined deployment for easily adding and managing nodes, a community calculator that shows real-time rewards for staking DATA to nodes, and comprehensive support with easy-to-follow FAQs and instructions. See what you think!

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