Dev Update October 2019

Tl;dr — Corea Network launch, Swash public release and Data Union

Dev Update October 2019
Streamr at MozFest in London

Welcome to Streamr’s core dev team update for October 2019. Let’s nickname October “The release month”. If you haven’t been following Streamr’s recent updates and are wondering why, below are some of the major events that happened in the past 30 days. The Streamr project:

  • Deployed our p2p Corea Network on mainnet ahead of schedule during Devcon 5 in Osaka, on a boat with more than 100 attendees!
  • Completed our initial version of Community Products in order to integrate it with early pilots building on top of Streamr ecosystem
  • Created the first-ever public Data Union pilot with Swash app and launched it to great reception at MozFest in London, hosted by The Mozilla Foundation.
Dev Update October 2019
Wei and the Firefox

Apparently, we were not the only ones feeling inspired by all of this, as you can see from the illustration below created by one of our MozFest pilot attendees, artist Maggie Appleton:

Dev Update October 2019

If you are interested in learning more about the design process, architecture trade-offs and stress testing that went behind the Network development, take a look at this comprehensive post by Henri. Our network core developer Eric Andrews also hosted a webinar, recently, walking through the Network code repository and demoing how you could deploy it on your local machine, have multiple Broker nodes talking to each other as p2p architecture and test data exchanges between them.

Regarding Swash integration and the Data Union movement, everything is progressing quite well. We were pleasantly surprised to receive very positive feedback from MozFest participants, even though we were prepared to face a very privacy-centric crowd. This could be in part thanks to the privacy control embedded by default into Swash’s design. Now that it has both Firefox and Chrome plugins publicly available at their respective add-on marketplaces, we are ready to take on the next phases of adoption strategy and Network scalability testing.

Dev Update October 2019
Henri presenting Data Unions at MozFest

As parting words for October, the more conferences I attend the stronger I feel about the following points:

  • Real-world users (not just the crypto inner circle) are desperately looking for new ways to change the current data abuse spirals and assuage the feeling of powerlessness from a user’s perspective
  • There is a large mass market out there that we have a tangible chance to tap into now with apps like Swash. The Data Union use case seems to resonate well with people
  • My biggest realisation listening to thought leaders and policymakers on data commons, collective coordination, and creating a new data ecosystem at both MozFest (Firefox) and Decode (European Commission), is that we at Streamr, and all projects in our ecosystem, have the power to do something and make changes happen. It’s not just abstract ideas anymore. It’s game on!

If you’re a dev interested in the Streamr stack or have some integration ideas, you can join our community-run dev forum here.

As always, thanks for reading. Here’s our regular list of updates:


  • Official release of Corea Network
  • Public release of Network and Broker repositories on Github
  • Adding SSL connections between Broker nodes
  • Held webinar on Network introduction and local deployment demo
  • Fixed authentication bug and resend bug in JS client

Community Products

  • Working on Community Products stats feature
  • Fixing Community Products app secrets
  • Writing tests for Javascript library with CPS (Community Product Server)
  • Completing initial pilot integration of CPS with Swash
  • GetEvents module and disconnection issues fix

Core app (Engine, Editor, Public Website)

  • Backend bug fixed and testing Google gson library
  • Finishing up the zooming and panning for Editor
  • Completed desktop and mobile docs navigation refactors. Categorised module docs to their own pages
  • Modified marketplace contract to add updateProduct
  • Implemented docs review and technical review.

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