Brubeck: Technical Update, March 2022

Brubeck: Technical Update, March 2022

As requested by you in the recent Streamr Community survey (please complete it if you haven’t already), we’re going to experiment with giving more incremental tech updates at a regular cadence. Let us know what you think!

The main takeaway from the past few weeks is that the Brubeck Mainnet has successfully launched and, so far, things are running smoothly! Brubeck has delivered the ability for anybody to stake $DATA and run a node, bringing the Network into a fully decentralised state—a significant milestone and an essential service offering for Web3 builders.

Here are some of the other highlights on the Network and Application layers:

On the Network layer

  • We’ve started work on the Tatum era stream bounty smart contracts. We’ll have more to share on Tatum development soon.
  • We’re conducting a research sprint towards eliminating the trackers from the Streamr Network. This looks promising from the academic results, so we’re likely to progress into a testing phase soon.
  • Finishing up on post Brubeck launch technical debt. The Brubeck launch went exceptionally, and the team is now well positioned to develop new features for the Network.
  • Improved Streamr client to Storage node interactions results.

On the application layer

  • We’re working on the Marketplace Brubeck multi-chain relaunch, which will allow product owners to decide which chains they want to offer a product on.
  • The new Marketplace will support DUs using their own choice of reward token (e.g. SWASH).
  • The stream listing and edit pages in Core are being improved. These are mainly bug fixes for now.
  • A new Streamr Network features section on the website. We wanted a section that explains what the Network unlocks for new developers.
  • Building of the ‘The Chat app’—a decentralized instant messenger, built on the Streamr Network. Primarily built as a proof of concept to inspire new builders.

Want to learn more about Streamr and how to participate with the Brubeck Mainnet? Join the discussion and find your new home channel on Discord, and please give us a follow on Twitter.

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